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How to Change your Username on Snapchat: A Step-by-Step Guide

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In today’s digital era, maintaining a consistent online presence has become an integral part of our lives. One popular platform that has gained immense popularity is Snapchat, where users can share moments, connect with friends, and engage with creative content.

However, what if you decide it’s time for a change and want to switch up your username? This article provides a detailed, easy-to-follow guide on how to change your username on Snapchat.

Understanding the Importance of Your Snapchat Username:

Your Snapchat username is your unique identifier on the platform. It’s how your friends find you, and it’s what you use to log in. Over time, you might feel that your username no longer reflects your personality or interests.

Fortunately, Snapchat allows users to change their usernames, enabling you to keep your online identity fresh without losing your valuable connections.

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Snapchat Username:

Follow these simple steps to change your username on Snapchat:

1. Open Snapchat: Launch the Snapchat app on your device. Ensure you’re using the latest version of the app to access the most up-to-date features.

2. Log In: If you’re not already logged in, enter your username (the one you want to change) and password to access your account.

3. Access Settings: Once logged in, tap on your profile icon, usually located in the upper left or upper right corner of the screen. This will open your profile page.

4. Navigate to Settings: Look for the gear-shaped icon, typically situated in the upper-right corner of your profile page. This is your Settings menu.

5. Locate ‘Username’ Option: Scroll down the Settings menu until you find the ‘Username’ option. Tap on it to initiate the username-changing process.

6. Choose a New Username: Snapchat will now prompt you to enter a new username. Choose a username that you love and that accurately represents you. Remember, this is your new online identity, so choose wisely!

7. Verify the Username: After entering your new desired username, Snapchat will check its availability. If your chosen username is already taken, you’ll need to choose a different one.

8. Confirm the Change: Once you’ve selected an available username, Snapchat will ask you to confirm your decision. Take a moment to double-check the spelling and ensure you’re happy with your choice.

9. Verify Your Identity: To ensure account security, Snapchat will request your password to verify your identity. Enter your password as prompted.

10. Username Change Complete: Congratulations! You’ve successfully changed your Snapchat username. Your new username will now be visible to your friends and followers.

Important Points to Consider:

While changing your Snapchat username is a straightforward process, there are a few important points to keep in mind:

1. Limited Changes: Snapchat has a policy in place regarding username changes. You’re allowed to change your username once every 30 days. Therefore, it’s crucial to pick a username you’re content with for at least a month.

2. Inform Your Contacts: Changing your username might confuse your friends and followers, especially if they’re used to your previous username. Consider sending a snap or a message to inform them of your new username to avoid any confusion.

3. Profile Reset: Changing your username won’t affect your existing friends, snaps, or chats. However, your friends will see your new username in their list, and they’ll need to re-add you if they want to maintain the connection.

4. Shared Content: If you’ve shared your previous username on other social media platforms, blog posts, or websites, remember to update those mentions with your new username.

5. Be Creative: Your username is a chance to showcase your creativity and personality. Choose something that resonates with you and makes a lasting impression.


Your Snapchat username is more than just a label – it’s a representation of your online identity. As you evolve, so too should your digital presence. Changing your Snapchat username is a simple yet powerful way to refresh your online persona.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can seamlessly switch to a new username while preserving your connections and history on the platform. Embrace the change, and let your new username reflect the vibrant individuality that makes you, well, you!

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