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GEMI BORDELON: Every Detail You Want To Know

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Gemi is married to Ben Bordelon, an NFL player for the San Diego Chargers and former football player for the LSU Tigers. 

He was a tackle and offensive guard at LSU for four years. In 1996, BuzzSouthAfrica reported that he was named to the second team of the SEC. 

After the video went viral, Gemi Bordelon, a 1975 Louisiana native, was allegedly identified online by her daughter Brooke. 

Background of Gemi

Gemi Bordelon was brought up in a modest background and was taught the virtues of diligence, tenacity, and grit. Her early life experiences prepared her for her future pursuits and gave her an unwavering motivation to realize her goals.

Romantic life and kids


Ben Bordelon, a successful businessman, and Gemi Bordelon are happily married. They are parents to three kids—one girl and two boys. Due to her efforts and visibility on social media, one of their children, Brooke Bordelon, has also received some fame. 

Gemi and Ben Bordelon lead a quiet life despite their public persona, providing a healthy environment for their kids to grow up in. They prioritize building solid family ties and frequently post about their time spent together on social media.

Social Profile

Early in 2020, Gemi Bordelon gained notoriety as she joined the LSU Tigers team in celebrating their National College Championship triumph by doing the Get The Gat. Gemi became more well-known because of this popular TikTok video, which also increased her online profile.

Gemi Bordelon cherishes her privacy and only posts some details of her private life on social media while leading a prominent life. She interacts with her fans and posts updates on her family, trips, and social events on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Her audience has responded well to her personable style, elegance, and confidence, and she has developed a decent following on these platforms.

In her private life, Gemi Bordelon juggles her responsibilities as a wife, mother, and public personality with her dedication to upholding her right to privacy and fostering strong relationships with her loved ones. 

Gemi Bordelon at the White House

Gemi Bordelon at the White House

Gemi Bordelon was present at the White House for the Tigers’ 2020 courtesy call since she and her spouse were connected to the Louisiana congressional entrusting tasks, according to a story by Heavy. 

Bordelon resides in Lafourche Parish with her family, which consists of her husband, Ben, and their three children. 

The Risk-taking Journey 

 Gemi Bordelon started her first organization at a young age to embark on her entrepreneurial journey. Her business endeavors aimed to improve society as much as maximize profits. Her dedication to enhancing people’s lives and her love of invention was evident in every company she founded.

As a Leadership

Gemi Bordelon is known for her visionary leadership style, which emphasizes cultivating an innovative and growth-oriented culture. Her success has largely been attributed to her ability to predict emerging trends and change quickly.

Working sectors of Gemi Bordelor

Gemi Bordelon has experience in various fields, including education, healthcare, and tech. Her ability to adapt has enabled her to have a notable influence in several industries. 

Motivation of Gemi Bordelon

Gemi’s motivation stems from her desire to bring about significant change. She is enthusiastic about using business to advance social justice, seeking to find creative answers to pressing societal issues.

What distinguishes Gemi Bordelon as a businesswoman?

She stands out for her special combination of creativity, sensitivity, and strategic thinking. Gemi stands out as a visionary leader due to her capacity to blend financial savvy with a sincere concern for the well-being of society.

What guidance does Gemi Bordelon give prospective business owners?

Gemi urges aspiring business owners to rise to adversities, maintain their curiosity, and show resilience. She places a strong emphasis on the value of honesty, tenacity, and the readiness to grow from mistakes.

The LSU Tigers’ son is a player for Gemi Bordelon.

Brett ‘Bo’ Bordelon, Gemi’s son, is a guard for the Tigers this season (per NOLA). 

Ben, her spouse, is the company’s president and CEO of the family-owned Bollinger Shipyards. However, if the widely shared TikTok—along with their familial connections—tells us anything, the Bordelons are ardent Tigers supporters this season.

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