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Your bra is not simple clothing that offers coverage, instead, it is a statement that defines your character and lifestyle. Traditionally, bras were designed to provide nipple coverage, however, with time they have evolved, and along with coverage they empower you, bring in confidence, and are considered a fashion accessory. 

Before you decide on the kind of bra you need, it is essential to know what bras are and how have they evolved over the years. 

Understanding The Concept of Bra

A bra is a common and essential garment in a woman’s wardrobe. It is a short form for brassiere and is a social concern for society in several countries. 

Today, you can order different kinds of bras such as strapless bras, sports bras, and T-shirt bras from Wacoal lingerie. A website run-through can give you a clear idea about the versatile bra styles available in your favorite color and size. 

Before you embark on the journey to order your favorite bras, it is essential to know their history.

The Bandeau Era

The need for breast support did not develop overnight. It was during the 14th century that females started wearing a band of cloth to flatten their busts while playing sports or during an outing. Earlier, women refrained from wearing bras under their dresses. 

However, it was during this era that females started wearing a bandeau during a sports event or reduce the bust movement and not as a daily undergarment. 

The Corset Era

The earlier era concentrated on hiding the busts while this era believed in highlighting them. It was during the 16th century, that corsets were crafted as a fashion statement. Corsets were often designed in the shape of a cone with an additional piece of substance such as wood or buckram so that your body could hold the corset. 

This bra type was believed to be extremely uncomfortable as the additional piece would hurt women around their waist. 

But this era brought a new fancy look to the boring bandeaus.

The Split Corset

It was in 1869 that the French designer Herminie Cadolle designed the first real bra. She dissected the corset in two parts to design the bra. These two parts included a top that supported the breasts with two straps while the bottom contoured the waist. 

The Invention of Brassiere

It was during the 1907s when Vogue gave a modern name to Cadolle’s bra design as ‘brassiere’ and it was officially included in the Oxford Dictionary in 1911. 

The First Bra

Although, the bra was renamed but lacked support. However, in 1910, a New York socialite Mary Jacob crafted the first-ever modern bra design made from two silk handkerchiefs with a pink ribbon. This backless design was comfortable to wear and did not poke you on the waist. Besides, she patented the design and sold it to the Warner Brothers Corset Company. 

The Cup Era

It was in the year 1932 when S.H. Camp and Company crafted the first-ever bra cup sizing scale to bust the one-size-fits-all myth. They named each cup size alphabetically: A, B, C, and D. 

The New Design Era

It was during the 2000s and 2010s when a new era of bra designs started flowing in the industry. Women had more bra design options to pick from bejeweled bras to push-up bras. Victoria Secret’s runway models played a significant role in introducing these new-age bra designs to your sight. 

Today, you have more bra options than in the 2000s which you can select based on your preferences. 

Wacoal Lingerie for Women

Embrace Lace Non-Wired Non-Padded Bralette: This is a medium-coverage bralette with a signature floral lace design along the plunge line. It is designed with a wide soft elastic band that can grip your bust without causing any discomfort. Its unique camisole strap can be adjusted based on your comfort. The J-hook allows you to enjoy a racerback option and is suitable for fancy tops, and blouses. This bralette can be worn for special occasions.

Zephyr Non-Wired Padded Push-Up Bra: This is a 3/4th coverage bra with a plunge neck while the soft cups have a flat jacquard lace design. It is designed with a fancy back with scalloped lace that gives you an elegant look. The built-in push-up effect with a secure hook and eye closure gives you a comfortable fit for open necklines, low-neck shirts, tops, and everyday wear. You can pair this push-up bra with a matching panty to boost your confidence.

You can check out the Wacoal lingerie website to learn more about modern bras available for you. It is easier to find the right bra when you have clarity on the size and occasion or apparel in mind. It could be as simple as a daily wear bra or a bra for a fancy dress. This helps you to pick the right bra based on your preference and lifestyle.

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