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What is the Net worth of That 70’s show star Danny Masterson? (2024)

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Daniel Peter Masterson is an American actor, DJ, Producer and businessman. From ‘That ’70s Show’ fame to a 30-year prison sentence, the life of Danny Masterson reads like a Hollywood script. Masterson was born on March 13, 1976 (47 years old) on Long Island, New York. Masterson is a Scientologist by religion.

Danny Masterson has performed a couple of roles throughout his profession in films, TV shows, and Netflix shows; however, his stardom started with a super-hit television show, “That ’70s Show, overwhelming television screens from 1998 to 2006 with 200 episodes.

He has become famous as Steven Hyde in ‘That 70’s Show’, establishing the door for roles and offers in films, TV shows, and Netflix. Other splendid works include Men at Work, Royal Pains, Dracula, and White Collar. 

What Is Danny Masterson’s Net Worth?

Danny Masterson has an estimated net worth of $8 million, consistent with “The Celebrity Net worth” in 2023. However, if we look at his net worth with his wife, Bijou Phillips, a famous actress, it rises to $16 million. Additionally, he inherited $10 million from his family wealth, which raised his net worth to $18 million, excluding the assets of his wife.

Danny Masterson owns several companies, but the majority of his property is from his showbiz career. Both stars began working at a young age, and their income has regularly improved through the years. Danny Masterson, who portrayed Steven Hyde in ‘That 70’s Show’, turned into one of that TV show’s highly-paid stars. His annual income is $3 million, with $1.7 million in his bank.

According to resources, the starring actors made between $250,000 and $300,000 for every episode. It is customary for TV actors to get royalties following the end of their shows. However, there may be no confirmation from any credible source that he’s still receiving royalties for his role in “That ’70s Show.”

How did Danny Masterson Make Money?

Although acting was their main source of contribution to his net worth, according to “The Celebrity Net worth” and other sources, he is also a real state businessperson, a Disc Jockey with popular stage names such as DJ Donkey and DJ Mom Jeans, a model and producer, as well as owning shares in several restaurants.

The partial proprietor of multiple restaurants. In 2017, after the rape allegations, he started working on grape farming to start a vine business for the continuous financial support of his family during his prison. Regardless of all that wealth, he still owes a debt to many of his friends and co-stars, which is $1.9 million.

Among his creditors is his brother with $280,000, co-star Ashton Kutcher with $400,000, American Express’s unpaid bills are $510,000, and some other friends owe him $450,000.

Real Estate Assets

Danny Masterson sold out his property on Holly Mont Drive in Los Angeles for $1.595 million in 2007. The 4-bedroom assets received for $560,000 in 1998 covered a marble and gold leaf fireside, a pool, and a two-car garage.

Masterson had made investments in real estate, such as six flats and modest rental buildings. In 2003, he bought a rental in Los Angeles and sold it to Laura Prepon for $165,000.

Acting career of Danny Masterson

Tony Masterson’s showbiz career started as a child model at the age of eight. At the ages of four and 5, he started appearing in ads and films, and at age 8, he appeared in musicals. By the age of 16, he had been in more than 100 advertisements as a brand face, but it was his role in That ’70s Show” that gave new peaks to his career.

Following the show’s conclusion, he appeared in various films and made guest appearances on television series such as Punk’d and MADtv. He co-hosted the Fox TV special Woodstock 1999 alongside Achstore Kutcher and Wilmer Valderrama.

Marriage and relationships

In 2004, Danny Masterson began to date Bijou Phillips, who was also an actress and was in love from head to toe. They decided to marry in 2011 but divorced in 2023 due to rape allegations against Masterson.

Rape Allegations and a Prison sentence of 30 years

Danny Masterson, a former That 70s Show star, faced allegations of sexual assault in 2017, leading to his firing from ‘The Ranch’. In 2020, he was arrested and charged with rape. Despite bail, his career declined. Danny Masterson was sentenced to 30 years in prison, with the possibility of parole after 25 years. He has multiple attorneys, including Shawn Holley, who owes him $300,000 for court proceedings. His talent agency, United Talent Agency, cut ties with him in 2019. 

In the end, the question remains: Who will navigate the maze of Danny Masterson’s hefty assets and finances amid the ongoing legal proceeding? Well, it seems that his ex-wife, Bijou Phillips, and their daughters may now inherit his fortune. In a statement, Ms Phillips also confirmed, saying his husband has established a vine business for the financial safety of his family during his prison, which affirms the prior assumption of media people.

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