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Who Owns GamerSupps?: Unveiling the Owner of the Popular Esports Supplement Brand

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In the fast-paced world of esports and competitive gaming, the name GamerSupps has become synonymous with high-performance energy supplements. But a question that often pops up in the gaming community is: Who owns GamerSupps? This article delves into the fascinating story behind the brand’s ownership, exploring its journey and impact in the esports arena.

Understanding GamerSupps: A Brief Overview

Before we unveil the owner, it’s crucial to understand what GamerSupps is all about. Established as a key player in the esports nutrition market, GamerSupps offers a range of products designed to enhance focus, endurance, and energy for gamers.

Their flagship product, GG, is celebrated for being keto-friendly, sugar-free, and zero-calorie, catering to the health-conscious segment of the gaming community.

Who Owns GamerSupps?

So, who is at the helm of this influential brand? GamerSupps is owned by Jonathan Schlatt, better known as Jschlatt in the online world. Schlatt, a popular YouTuber and streamer, announced his ownership of GamerSupps in May 2022, stirring quite the buzz in the gaming community. His involvement has not only increased the brand’s visibility but also added a layer of controversy due to his polarizing online persona.

Jschlatt: The Controversial Owner

Jschlatt’s journey to owning GamerSupps is as intriguing as it is controversial. Known for his Minecraft content on YouTube, he has weathered various accusations, ranging from racism to sexual misconduct. However, his resilient online presence has earned him a reputation as being ‘uncancellable.’ His ownership of GamerSupps has brought a unique blend of charisma and controversy to the brand.

GamerSupps’ Market Impact and Product Line

Under Schlatt’s ownership, GamerSupps has continued to grow, offering an array of products beyond their powdered energy drinks. These include ready-to-drink cans, shaker cups, and gaming-related merchandise. Each product echoes the brand’s commitment to providing gamers with sustainable energy sources without compromising on health.

Navigating Controversies

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing for GamerSupps, though. The brand has faced its share of controversies, particularly around the ethical treatment of collaborators and the use of marketing ideas without proper compensation. These issues have raised significant discussions in the gaming community about corporate responsibility and fairness in the esports industry.

The Health Debate

Another aspect that garners attention is the health impact of GamerSupps’ products. While they are marketed as a healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks, concerns about caffeine content and its effects on younger consumers persist.

This debate highlights the need for responsible marketing and consumption in the supplement industry, especially when targeting younger demographics.

GamerSupps in the Esports Community

Despite the controversies, GamerSupps has maintained a strong presence in the esports community. The brand’s endorsement by various gamers and esports personalities has solidified its position as a go-to supplement for many in the gaming world.


The ownership of GamerSupps by Jonathan Schlatt adds a dynamic and somewhat controversial edge to the brand. While facing challenges and debates, GamerSupps continues to play a significant role in the esports supplement market, driven by a commitment to innovation and community engagement. As the world of esports evolves, so does the story of GamerSupps, a brand that has become a staple in the gaming community.

Final Thoughts

This exploration into who owns GamerSupps not only sheds light on the person behind the brand but also the complexities and challenges within the esports supplement industry. As the market continues to grow, GamerSupps, under Schlatt’s ownership, is poised to remain a key player, continually adapting to the evolving needs of gamers worldwide.

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