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How to Know If You Have a Case for a Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuit?

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Unfortunately, accidents happen all the time and when you least expect it. Regardless of the type of surface, falls can quickly happen to you. However, you should start getting informed about it before an accident like this. Such situations are very stressful, and injuries can be of different degrees.

A slip and fall cause severe physical and emotional pain, for which you deserve compensation. You will need a good law firm to defend your rights. It is also essential to educate yourself about the case, and we will guide you, with the help of lawyers from Bojat Law Group, through the entire process.

Proving a Slip and Fall Case

To prove this case, you need to know the cause of the injury and have evidence for it. If it involves another person to blame for your fall, proving that they are to blame is essential. This does not mean that the person intentionally wanted to hurt you. Mistakes often happen because people are careless. However, doing so poses a high risk of harm and you being injured.

You will need as much evidence as possible to prove all the facts of the case. So do your research and get witness statements, surveillance footage, hazard photos, etc. It is recommended that you take a picture of the cause of the fall or ask someone else to do it for you if you cannot.

What is an occupational injury?

An injury at work is an accident that occurs in spatial, temporal, and causal connection with the performance of the job based on which it is insured. This includes immediate and short-term mechanical, physical, or other effects, sudden changes in body position, etc. Any change in the organism’s physiological state that the insured suffers at the workplace during official duties.

The compensation for sick leave is determined by law as a percentage of the basis for calculation. When an injury or an occupational disease causes the temporary inability to work, the employee has the right to compensation for the time of absence.

Cost estimate

After you have gathered and given all the evidence to your lawyer, he or she will build your case. If you are still determining what you need to prove your claims, work with a law firm from the beginning and gather all the documents together.

An experienced professional will also know how to assess your loss, Mr Bojat from Bojat Law Group told us. That part of the case is essential and easy to get answers. You only need to look at tangible costs, such as economic losses. The attorney will obtain evidence for them with medical bills, prescribed therapy, lost wages, etc.

Are you a candidate for a Slip and Fall Accident case?

You have a case if you can identify the person or company legally responsible for your slip and fall. If you need help with this and it is difficult to prove your claims, get experienced lawyers specializing in this field in time.

Sometimes there is a third party who bears equal legal responsibility for the accident. Then it can be complicated.


If you ever have an accident like this, you should know your rights. A team of experts, like one from Bojat Law Group, can help you in this regard and defend you correctly. They will help you gather all the necessary evidence and achieve your goal.

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