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Traditional Festivals Around the World You Didn’t Know About

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The world is brimming with festivals. Some like Christmas, Diwali, and Eid are celebrated worldwide. However, the planet is much more diverse and houses many lesser-known but equally fascinating festivals. Let’s embark on a journey around the world and uncover some of these hidden gems.

1. La Tomatina, Spain

Where: Buñol, Valencia
When: Last Wednesday in August

Have you ever felt the urge to hurl a tomato at someone? If yes, then La Tomatina is your festival! Once a year, the streets of Buñol become red as over 20,000 participants indulge in the world’s largest tomato fight.

This tradition, which began due to a street brawl in 1945, has now become an event attracting tourists worldwide. Just remember: it’s all in good fun, and no hard throwing!

2. Night of the Radishes, Mexico

Where: Oaxaca
When: December 23rd

Move over pumpkins; it’s time for radishes to shine! Artists carve these crimson veggies into intricate scenes depicting tales from folklore to Biblical stories. This quirky festival started when farmers began showcasing their produce in the town’s zócalo to attract customers.

3. Wife Carrying Championship, Finland

Where: Sonkajärvi
When: July

Although the name might sound odd, this Finnish festival is all about strength, endurance, and a bit of laughter. In this peculiar sporting event, husbands race while carrying their wives on their backs. The prize? The wife’s weight in beer!

4. Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling, England

Where: Gloucester
When: Last Monday of May

Imagine a 9 lb round of Double Gloucester cheese rolling down a hill, with humans racing behind it. This is exactly what happens at Cooper’s Hill. The goal is simple: catch the cheese or at least reach the finish line. Injuries are common, but the victorious get the cheese!

5. Kanamara Matsuri, Japan

Where: Kawasaki
When: First Sunday of April

Also known as the “Festival of the Steel Phallus,” this Shinto tradition is rooted in a legend wherein a steel phallus was used to thwart a demon’s evil plan. Today, it has become a fun-filled event that also promotes awareness for safe sex and raises funds for HIV research.

6. The Battle of the Oranges, Italy

Where: Ivrea
When: February

Italy’s version of La Tomatina, this is the largest food fight in Italy. Thousands of participants are divided into teams, and they throw oranges at each other. It symbolizes the city’s rebellion against tyrannical rulers in the 12th century.

7. Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand

Where: Lopburi
When: Last Sunday of November

Monkeys in Lopburi are treated like royalty. In this festival, over 600 monkeys are invited to feast on a buffet of fruits, candy, and other treats laid out in their honor. The locals believe these monkeys bring good fortune and prosperity.

8. Songkran Water Festival, Thailand

Where: Nationwide
When: April 13th-15th

Marking the Thai New Year, Songkran involves splashing water on everyone! Friends, family, and even strangers engage in playful water fights, making this one of the most refreshing festivals on the list.

9. Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea

Where: Boryeong
When: July

Originally started to promote the mineral-rich mud of Boryeong, this festival is now a mucky wonderland. Attendees enjoy mud wrestling, mud sliding, and even a mud prison! It’s a joyous and squelchy affair.

10. El Colacho, Spain

Where: Castrillo de Murcia
When: Sunday after Corpus Christi

Men dressed as the devil (El Colacho) leap over babies laid out on mattresses in the streets. This 400-year-old tradition is believed to cleanse the babies of original sin.


In a world so vast and varied, it’s awe-inspiring to witness how different cultures choose to celebrate and express joy. These festivals, while lesser-known, offer a mesmerizing peek into the customs, beliefs, and stories that have shaped communities across the world. Each festival is a testament to human creativity and the universal love for celebration.

Whether you’re a globe-trotter aiming to join in these festivities or a curious soul simply enjoying the tales, there’s no doubt that these events add richness to the tapestry of global traditions.

So, the next time you plan a trip or want to indulge in some worldwide celebrations from the comfort of your living room, remember these unique festivals. Who knows, you might just be tossing tomatoes, rolling cheeses, or joining a mud fight soon!

Fun fact: Many of these festivals, despite being lesser-known globally, are pivotal celebrations in their local communities. They attract numerous tourists, eager to witness and partake in these traditions.

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert

So, immerse yourself in the world’s wonders, one festival at a time. Happy globetrotting!

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