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Phuket Paradise: Exploring the Gem of the Andaman Sea

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As a travel wanderer, we all know Phuket is one of the biggest attractions throughout the world. Located in the Andaman Sea, Phuket is one of the greatest vacation destinations, jam-packed with many fun activities and picturesque sights.

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Boat Tour For A Whole Day

The first thing you need to do after visiting Phuket is take a boat tour. Phan Nga Bay is known to host amazing boat tours that will sail through the exquisite beauty around you as you pass through limestone rocks.

A famous James Bond Island is always suggested to first-time tourists. Additionally, you can have a full day of boat life visiting the fishing village and a floating Muslim island known to be a perfect place for an afternoon Thai lunch. 

If you have more time, you can also witness the clear turquoise water and the white sandy beaches. 

The Gorgeous Beaches

You are in for a treat if you prefer unwinding by the shore and listening to the splashing water noises. Whether you are here on a romantic getaway or a journey with your friends, Phuket has many fabulous beaches where you can unwind, sunbathe, relish water sports, and enjoy the mouthwatering Thai cuisine.

Stroll on the white sandy beaches and relish the clear turquoise water with your loved one. Also, some of the beaches present fun activities like snorkeling. 

The Big Buddha Statue

You are far from the truth if you think Phuket is about the jungles and beaches. One of the largest attractions of Phuket is the big Buddha statue, which is an excellent blend of culture and faith. The dharma music and the mesmerizing sound of small ringing bells around the 45m tall statue will leave you in a spiritual trance.

The big statue of Buddha is built with Burmese white marble, which is strikingly beautiful any time you see it around the day. However, it is suggested that you visit the place early in the morning. 

The Jungle Safari

Keep your camera ready, as Phuket has two parks that are home to rich flora and fauna. You can book a jungle safari with incredible sights of wild elephants, big cats, and more. Also, there are numerous fun activities like bamboo rafting, trekking to a waterfall, and many more that you may enjoy.


Phuket is famous among many travel enthusiasts throughout the world. If you are a travel wanderlust, a trip to Phuket should be your next holiday goal. Look at the Cleartrip to check the tickets available for your trip to the soul of Thailand.

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