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How do you set up Evilgophish on a Debian VPS?

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Evilgophish is a powerful tool legal hackers use to conduct ethical penetration tests in cybersecurity. Choice Premium vps usa is a supplier offering dependable and effective hosting for people and organizations.

Even though setting up EvilGophish on Debian VPS sounds complicated, it is quite simple. Taking a step-by-step approach, let’s divide the process into manageable chunks, even for beginners.

Understanding EvilGophish

EvilGophish is a phishing kit designed for ethical hacking purposes. It makes it possible to simulate phishing attacks. In general, check for vulnerabilities and improve cybersecurity. Experience uninterrupted trading sessions and ideal performance with cheap forex vps uk hosting infrastructure, accurately created to meet the exact needs of online forex traders, ensuring that your trades are executed with speed and the utmost reliability. DedicatedCore and DomainRacer provide a comprehensive VPS infrastructure in this simulated environment.

Features and Capabilities

1. Campaign Management

EvilGophish offers a simple interface for creating and managing phishing campaigns. Security professionals can tailor their campaigns to meet their unique testing requirements.

2. Realistic Phishing Templates

With this tool, users have access to many phishing templates that resemble real-life scenarios. This realism is essential in truly measuring an organization’s vulnerability to phishing attacks.

3. Credential Harvesting

EvilGophish can mimic such situations where users give out sensitive information. By doing this, organizations can identify weaknesses in their security awareness training.

4. Reporting and Analysis

EvilGophish generates comprehensive reports about user interactions following a phishing campaign. This encompasses information such as open emails, clocked links, and submitted credentials. This data is critical for examining the performance of security measures.

You should be aware of this as you navigate through these features. You can access a secure testing environment by setting up Evilgophish on a Debian VPS infrastructure.

Responsible Use: Best Practices with EvilGophish

Although EvilGophish is critical to ethical hacking, its effectiveness requires responsible use. Here are some best practices to ensure that the tool is used correctly:

Consent is Paramount

Always seek permission from the organization or persons to be penetration tested. Using someone’s information without his consent or permission is unethical and unlawful.

Use Your Domain

It is encouraged to have your domain for you to maintain ethical borders. Do not target other people’s domains.

Create Dedicated Subdomains

Phishing campaigns use dedicated subdomains to differentiate them from regular operations. This prevents ambiguity and promotes transparency.

Configure Properly

Ensure you set up EvilGophish properly. It includes setting the SMTP server details and configuring the firewall settings and the hostname. Accurate configuration ensures that the tool is effective and avoids unwanted effects.

Keep the Tool Updated

Make sure to update EvilGophish. Security issues and new features are among the reasons developers often release updates. You should ensure you have the tool’s latest, most secure version.

Collaborate with Stakeholders

Work with relevant stakeholders, including the IT team and security officers. The success of penetration testing depends on everyone’s involvement. VPS providers like DedicatedCore and DomainRacersupport several ethical practices in their services.

Step-by-Step Guide to Install EvilGophish on Debian VPS

Step 1 – Installing Dependencies

We start by ensuring that your Debian VPS has the right tools to make it secure. 

  • sudo apt-get update
  • apt-get install git golang-go sudo

Not only does this refresh your system, but it also puts in the necessary tools for installing EvilGophish. Your cybersecurity environment will be stable with good VPS providers.

Step 2 – Fetch EvilGophish from GitHub

Now, let’s fetch EvilGophish into your VPS domain from its repository. Execute the following commands in sequence:

  • git clone 
  • cd evilgophish
  • go build

Then, this sequence goes into the directory of EvilGophish and compiles the binary – the core engine of this complex tool. The robust infrastructure at good VPS providers makes it easy for downloads and compilations.

Step 3 – Configuration file

EvilGophish operates well if you have the following instructions customized to your liking. Copy the example configuration file using the following command:

Cp config.json.example config.json

Now, open that configuration file and change it to match your system. When you provide its hostname and port information, the phishing server will operate on your SMTP server. 

Step 4 – Launching EvilGophish

Now, let’s proceed to the main act. Execute the following command to launch EvilGophish:


This is your tool’s start command, which means you are free to start configuring it and running your campaigns. Stability is imperative in this crucial moment. With DomainRacer and DedicatedCore, EvilGophish can launch smoothly on VPS.

Step 5 – Configuring DNS Records

EvilGophish does its magic when your domain’s DNS records are manipulated. Send them the IP of your VPS. You should also change the VPS firewall settings to allow traffic on the port specified in the configuration file. In your configuration of DNS records, know that your VPS and the domain are working with each other through providers such as DedicatedCore and DomainRacer.

A Vital Reminder: Ethical Use Only

A crucial note to underscore: The purpose of EvilGophish is to carry out legal penetration testing. It is also prohibited for any use in illicit activities. Ensure you have the domain, use a dedicated subdomain for the phishing attack, and configure everything. Update the tool, and of utmost importance, consent of all parties should be obtained. 


The set of Evilgophish on a Debian VPS is more of a moral exploration than a technical process. The stability and security of VPS providers like DedicatedCore and DomainRacer are vital throughout this ethical journey. Follow these steps and best practices to enable lawful penetration testing for better digital security. Always be mindful that the power attached to tools such as EvilGophish is accompanied by great responsibility.

It is important to note that ethical hacking plays a major role in detecting vulnerabilities and making the online space safer and stronger by strengthening defenses. Let your ethical quests help to make the digital environment more secure and reliable.

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