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Electronic signatures are becoming essential across multiple domains, industries, and professions. It functions as a digital replacement for your signature and can potentially become an important part of your brand’s identity. But that’s not the only reason why it’s so popular. It’s also part of a larger effort from companies to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Relying on e-signatures can be very cumbersome and generally relies on people physically being in a place to finalize a deal. What happens if you can’t make it there in person? Well, they’ll have to reschedule. 

The benefits of getting an e-signature are obvious, but do you know what you should consider before you get one? Here’s a detailed look at the different factors you need to consider when getting an e-signature. 

Factors to consider when making an e-signature

A good signature says a lot about your brand and its values. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise that companies put a lot of effort into designing their signatures and making them stand out. Here are a few things that they will usually consider:

1. Legal compliance

Researching the methodology of e-signature development is important to check the enforceability of electronically signed papers and documents. Some methods are not acceptable and valid under the jurisdiction of different areas around the globe.

Different countries and cities have different conditions and standards for electronic signatures. You need to research and ensure that the method you’re using to create an e-signature is legal. 

2. Authentication and security:

You want to make sure you choose an authentic company or platform when you create an electronic signature. An experienced platform will ensure your signature is unique and meets the security requirements online.

They’ll encrypt your signature to reduce the chances of someone stealing your data or using it without you knowing. The best part about this encryption is that 

3. Consistency

The frequent use of electronic signatures will help the audience you are addressing memorize your signature. Eventually, the consistent usage will lead to the transformation of your electronic signature into your brand logo. This transformation will make it easier for the audience to recognize you in the digital market.

4. Signature Elements

An electronic signature does not limit you to broadcasting your name only in the signature. You can include your full name, job title, company name, and contact information in your electronic signature. It will portray a look of professionalism and transparency in your e-signature.

By providing contact information through your e-signature, you can open a way for visitors to access you directly. It will also allow the other parties involved to verify your contact details, reinforcing the authenticity of your e-signature.

5. Fonts and formatting

The signature font and formatting are prominent manifestations to your audience of your brand’s quality, niche, and branding skills. Each font gives a different perspective to the audience to think about the mechanism and the workings of the brand.

A signature font that aligns with your brand’s primary visual identity and vision can help the audience recognize you more easily. For example, if you are dealing with mechanical devices, you should use the ROBOTO font that will directly hit the neurons to give a message about the developer’s niche.

Additionally, preferring a readable font over a decorated and complex font makes it easier for the readers to read. The readability will increase your brand’s reach as it is easier to keep in memory.

6. Mobile compatibility

Remember that your e-signature is highly compatible with any devices that may be used. Most internet surfers use mobile phones to access their desired places. A lower percentage of people use PCs to search for their desired results.

An electronic signature optimized with mobile screens will significantly increase your growth percentage. Mobile screens provide easy access to users in many places. The enhanced accessibility will potentially help you with rapid growth and increased sales.

7. Signature position

Placing the signature in a suitable position is essential. By saying suitable position, we refer to where it is easily visible to the reader, and the reader can recognize and classify it from the others.

Typically, an e-signature is placed at the bottom of the documents, but the problem that arises here is that it becomes difficult for the reader to read the e-signature in this position. It would help if you decided on the position of your e-signature, considering the niche of your products and the comfort of the audience. The more visible you are to your audience, the higher the chances of growth could be.

8. Testing and verification

Before implementing the e-signature policy, conduct proper testing that will help you analyze the results and the working of the e-signature. The testing will demonstrate how your e-signature is visible to the audience. It will also tell you the location in which your e-signature is going to be placed.

The testing and verification will benefit you as a viewer from analyzing this technology. You can make amendments anywhere you want before finally implementing the e-signature.

9. Future scalability

E-signature is a growing innovation and will see many upgrades in the coming days. It is highly in demand as it is not only sustainable but also saves a lot of money you would have to spend buying papers.

You should keep in mind the rapid growth of e-signature. This will help you develop a signature that will have the capacity to run proficiently and meet future requirements.

10. Training and communication

The allowance of using an e-signature to the team workers depends upon the niche of your business. If required, you should train your workers to use this modification effectively. Remember that with every passing day, your e-signature will represent you in the digital market.

An untrained worker can mistakenly use it, and an unintentional mistake can risk the growth rate of your brand. A smooth and intuitive signing process contributes to a higher adoption rate and enhanced efficiency.


Implementing and transforming the business towards digital tools is a time-consuming need. These digital tools are effective, sustainable, and cost-efficient. In addition to this, these tools are an easy way to access a broader audience in a limited time frame. So they are also crucial for our fast-paced growth.

It requires a tech-savvy brain to organize and handle these kinds of tools as it requires a little knowledge. E-signature is the same digital tool you can implement in your office or business to get the immense benefits described above.

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