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How Do Roaches Enter Your House?

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Discovering a roach infestation in your house may make you feel a bit offended. You have been keeping your home clean, so you wonder why roaches still invade your living space. However, cockroaches are quite sneaky about entering houses. No matter how diligently you clean your house, they can end up inside in many ways.

If you spot a few of these pests in your house, chances are that a lot more of them may be hiding nearby. This makes it important to take proactive pest control seriously.  

How Cockroaches Get into Your House

The following are ways roaches can end up inside your house:

  • Drains: Roaches crawl in and out of your house through drains and pipes. These pests thrive in heat. They develop and reproduce in hot temperatures, making late spring and summer their ideal season. To prevent roaches from using your drains and pipes as their pathways, put metal baskets and stoppers over the sink and shower drains. 
  • Exterior walls and foundation: Most roaches can enter through very narrow openings and cracks. Thus, any foundation and exterior wall openings will invite them. Gaps around pipes, vents, and windows let these pests enter your house. To prevent this from happening, seal gaps with a caulking gun. Other options to seal openings include steel wool, weather stripping, and copper mesh. 
  • Under doors: Some species of roaches are drawn to the light inside your house, entering your space through the gap at the bottom of your doors. You can make your home less inviting to roaches by infesting it with yellow light instead of white. Also, consider adding door sweeps under the doors to serve as a seal between them and the thresholds. 
  • Baggage and clothing: Roaches can hide in paper grocery bags, backpacks, purses, and briefcases. In some instances, their eggs hitch a ride inside these items. Reducing paper bags and washing bags regularly can help prevent this. 
  • Dry pet food: Roaches are not picky eaters. Dry pet food may attract them and encourage them to infest your house. So, it’s important not to store pet food in your sheds and garage before you bring it inside your house. Once pet food is inside, store it in plastic airtight containers.

What to Know When Dealing with a Roach Infestation

You can try some natural repellents if you have a cockroach problem in your house. For instance, boric acid can be applied to the infested areas. If used correctly, boric acid is toxic to roaches while being safe for people and pets. However, these repellents are less effective than professional pest treatments. 

In addition, you can also consider using traps and baits to monitor and manage roach populations. Sticky traps can identify high-activity areas, and bait stations that contain insecticides can kill roaches and their nests. 

If you have a serious roach issue and want to free your house of these pests, hire a pest control company. This company has trained technicians who will evaluate your situation first and determine the best treatment option. 

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