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Can edibles show up in hair drug tests?

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Edibles come in a wide variety of types and strengths. It can be anything from a drink mix to a four-course meal in this day and age. Whether you have purchased them from a local dispensary or you took a vacation to a region that allows for recreational use, there still may be concern about how long the drug will be detectable in your system. 

Drug testing is a common practice in many states for a variety of reasons. They can be done for job application pre-screening, in case of worker’s comp claims, within the corrections system, and even for home use. The detection levels for each test kit vary, and so does the level. If you have been wondering about how long edibles stay in your hair, keep reading below. 

Edible Absorption

Edibles are marijuana drugs that are made into a wide variety of food. The drug is broken down in the stomach and enters the bloodstream as it metabolizes. It is a common misconception that ingesting edibles is a way to prevent marijuana from showing up in a hair drug test.

Any substance that you consume is capable of being detected by a hair drug test; it’s more important how much you consume and when. 

Hair Drug Tests

So, how long do edibles stay in your hair? Hair drug tests work by breaking down the components of a strand of your hair. This allows the tester to analyze them individually and assess what compounds or elements they contain.

This can be everything from topical applications such as hair care products to the minerals and chemicals that you consume with regular eating. Hair drug tests will expose any of the products that are contained in the hair that is currently on your head. 

Drug Concentrations

The more of a substance that you consume, the more of it remains present in your body. There is a standard rate at which our bodies break down and filter out both nutrients and chemicals.

This rate is affected by our individual metabolisms. Having a faster metabolism may help you pass a blood or urine test faster. Still, it has a minimal effect on the validity of a hair strand test. 

Standard Parameters

Trace amounts of marijuana edibles can be detected in your hair even if you only consume a little bit of the drug. The average amount of time it takes for a person’s hair follicle to terminate is anywhere from 30 – 90 days.

Even if you stop consuming the chemical, the amount that is present in your hair as it grows out deteriorates incredibly slowly

Edibles & Strand Tests

Again, how long do edibles day in your hair is variable. Simply put, the more edibles or higher concentration of edibles you consume will have a significant effect on how much marijuana is detectable in your system.

Consuming excessive amounts will allow for excess amounts to be present in your body at the time of consumption and during the metabolization process. Because trace amounts can still be detected even with light to moderate use, the only true way to cheat a hair follicle drug test is to shave your head.

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