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EA Sports FC 24 Update 7 available: here’s what’s new!

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Exciting news for all EA Sports FC 24 players! A new update is now available across all platforms, bringing with it a host of bug fixes, balance changes, and improved animations. In this article, we delve into the specifics of this update so you can get back to the game armed with all the latest information.

Electronic Arts has announced the launch of Title Update #7 for EA Sports FC 24, a major new update for its popular football game that has taken over from the old FIFA.

EA Sports FC 24 despite the name change, remains a true benchmark for all sports fans, especially thanks to fun gameplay and modes like Ultimate Team that welcome millions of players.

In a brief post on the official X dedicated profile, the developers announced that FIFA Title Update 7 is already available for download on all versions, with various bug fixes and some changes for specific versions.

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Now, let’s delve into the specifics and see exactly what is included in Upgrade 7.

The Switch version, in particular, has received not only a bug fix for shots, which could sometimes cause the ball to go over the net with powerful shots, but also different graphics dedicated to the buttons if you choose to play with the separate Joy-Con.

On PS4 and Xbox One, a problem that could prevent some precision passes from occurring correctly has also been fixed, as well as a bug that caused an incorrect message on Xbox versions with cross-play disabled.

The last specific bug reported concerns the PC version, where it was reported that a strange problem could occur if you chose to play using international teams.

But Update 7 doesn’t just include bug fixes; it also includes some balance changes, which we will report below translated into Italian:

  • Reduced the accuracy of high passes and precision high passes if made at extreme angles.
  • Improved the responsiveness of requested precision passes.
  • Slightly reduced the potential maximum speed of filtering passes with effect.
  • Increased the potential maximum height of the trajectory of the high passes and precision passes if made at extreme angles.

Some animations have also been improved during runs and transitions between shots and celebrations, along with the addition of a new Star Head and dedicated graphics for kits, shoes, gloves, billboards, trophies, and much more.


Update 7 for EA Sports FC 24 brings a host of improvements that will enhance gameplay and player experience. From bug fixes to balance changes to improved animations and new dedicated graphics, this update is set to take your game to the next level. So, wait no more and download it now to enjoy a more immersive gaming experience. I look forward to the next FIFA Update!

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