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How To Nail Your Dissertation Introduction In 5 Easy Steps

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The dissertation introduction is the first chapter of the dissertation that is meant to draw the attention of the reader. It sets the stage for your research work with a clear focus and direction. A report published in Student Proofreading states that: 

  • The introduction chapter is meant to orient the reader’s direction. 
  • It addresses the questions like “Why” and “How.” 
  • Gives a descriptive overview of the whole study. 
  • According to the University of Leeds
  • The introduction is the first thing that the reader will notice. So, try to make a good first impression. 

The theoretical facts given by various institutions show the importance of the dissertation introduction. Considering its importance, it is necessary that you write it with utmost perfection. If you fail at compelling the reader to read, the remaining long document is useless.

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to craft your dissertation introduction? Look no further than the write-up below. So, without further delay, let’s dive into its details. 

What Is Dissertation Introduction?

Introduction of dissertations is the most essential part of your dissertation. Edge Hill University says that the introduction part provides a concise overview of the whole dissertation. After explaining the main points in this chapter, you will discuss them in detail in later sections. 

How Do You Write a Dissertation Introduction? 5 Steps Guide

Before directly jumping to writing the introduction of a dissertation, make sure to make its draft first. As we have discussed above, it is the most important part of your document. So, do not expect to write it efficiently in the first attempt. Do you want to know the step-by-step guide to writing your dissertation introduction chapter? Continue reading to learn the insights.

If you find this guide insufficient for understanding the framework of crafting your dissertation, seek assistance from dissertation writing services UK. With years of experience in paper writing, the experts can provide a well-organized intent to your work, ensuring clarity for the reader.

Write Your Topic and Context

The first thing to introduce in this chapter is to write the title of your paper. You are supposed to define the term with its context. This way, you can contextualize your research and generate interest in the dissertation introduction. The University College Cork defines how to introduce your topic in the introduction chapter. It includes, 

  • Provide some relevant background information
  • Provide a clear thesis statement 
  • Give the overview of the whole context 

Define Your Focus and Scope of Study

After the general dissertation introduction of the area of interest, you need to narrow down your focus. For instance, if you are writing on “Palynology,” Now, when defining this term, you will introduce its key definition, importance, lab techniques, etc. However, your thesis may not address all these aspects. 

So, you need to narrow down the idea to take the reader to your actual focus. For example, if you want to address the polymorphic characterization of the flora, try to expand the discussion to this particular aspect. Talk and give details of this rather than just dwelling on a general context. 

Explain the Relevance and Importance of the Topic

It is important that you share your motivation to choose that particular topic for study. In dissertation introduction writing, you should also introduce what new insight you will put into the existing literature. Give an overview of the current state of the study. You can define the general literature review. However, don’t detract from your main research interest in this general discussion. 

Depending on the topic of discussion, you may introduce some practical application or scholarly understanding of the topic. Ultimately, it will give an idea about the following key points. 

  • It will be helpful to resolve the theoretical problem 
  • It addresses the literature gaps 
  • Give an overview of existing research 
  • Provides a new understanding of the topic 

State Research Question and Objectives

It might be the most important part of your introduction chapter. The thesis statement is the main idea of the research. It sets the expectation of the rest of the paper. How you will define your research question and objective solely depends on the subject. Indiana University describes why your introduction must accompany the thesis statement. 

  • It is meant to test your dissertation introduction ideas or ideas of the research work by distilling them into one or two sentences. 
  •  It is helpful to organize your thoughts 
  • It provides the reader with a guide to your argument 

Furthermore, to define your objectives, you can use the SMART method. It is an abbreviation that highlights the determined characteristics of your goals. The objectives must be, 

  • Specific
  • Measurable 
  • Ambitious 
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound 

Provides Overview of The Structure

This section of the dissertation introduction is equally important. It is not only about defining the topic and context but provides an overview of the remaining text. For this purpose, give a brief summary of all the chapters. 

Define how each chapter contributes to the central key point. However, be mindful of the word count. You are going to provide the details of these points in the coming chapters. So, just define the key highlights in 2 to 3 sentences. 

What Is Included in Dissertation Introduction?

The introduction chapter of the thesis must include the below-mentioned key highlights, 

  • The context of your topic. 
  • The scope of the field under study. 
  • Relevance of your research topic. 
  • The objectives of your work 
  • The overview of the whole paper. 

Dissertation Introduction Checklist

If you find it overwhelming to write a thesis introduction and are looking for a precise checklist of what to include in this chapter, consider the below-mentioned key components. These essentials must be part of the dissertation introduction structure. It will ensure you do not skip any important aspect of this chapter. 

  • Your research questions
  • Value of your research question
  • Your focus and scope of study 
  • Examples 
  • Relevance and importance 
  • The background information 

Dissertation Introduction Examples

ScienceDirect provides an example of a dissertation written on the topic “Gender equality in education.” Find below the introduction chapter of the paper to get an idea about how to craft it. 


There is no denying the importance of your dissertation introduction chapter. Most of the students are just focused on research work and key findings. They think the introduction will only define the topic of discussion. But it serves multiple purposes. Read your introduction chapter skilfully; the above guidelines are helpful. 

You just need to follow all five crucial steps and come up with a compelling hook. However, if you want to streamline your dissertation writing process, then avail of dissertation writing help from The Academic Papers UK. A first impression of the reader must be compelling. So, if done by the experts, then it will provide some specifications for your work.

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