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5 Essential Tips: How to Grow your business through cloud Telephony

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Are you looking for ways to upgrade your business system with advanced cloud telephony solutions? Then, you have come to the right place, experience ultimate telephony, save a lot of money for business, and perform a call over the Internet.

To keep up with the ever-changing business scenario and cater to customer buying patterns, cloud telephony is a reliable solution. 94 percent of businesses reported improved security after switching to cloud platforms.

So, by leveraging cloud telephony solutions, businesses can provide quicker and quality responses to callers, deliver better customer service with valuable insights, and offer advanced tools to handle and manage phone calls.

So, here in this blog, we will discuss the ultimate guide to cloud telephony, its benefits, and best practices. We will also provide some essential tips to grow your business through cloud telephony stick till the end and transform your business communication with cost-effective solutions. 

What is cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony is an advanced Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) telephone system hosted in the cloud and operated via the Internet. Cloud telephony allows you to make calls worldwide over the Internet without any additional hardware or telephone lines. 

A third-party cloud storage provider manages the telephony system, so you don’t need office space or additional infrastructure to create your business phone system.

What is cloud telephony?

It relies on VoIP provider services, so when you place a call, your analog voice signals are converted into digital data packets and sent over the Internet to connect with the receiver. 

Cloud phones store data and information over off-site data centers that you can access from softphones, laptops, and tablets even when not connected to the Internet. Cloud technology makes it possible to access software and applications over the Internet and start calling from them.

Benefits of Cloud Telephony

Benefits of Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony or cloud calling brings extreme benefits to businesses of any size. With cloud telephony, you can call over the Internet without needing a SIM card or bulky telephone hardware. The main advantage of cloud telephony solutions is that they allow users to access their phones no matter where they are. Here are a few more we will discuss:

Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability and flexibility are the highlight benefits of cloud telephony. You can scale up or down your business communication according to your business requirements. Furthermore, cloud calling allows for simple and cost-effective changes. 

With internet connectivity, you can work from anywhere in the world. You do not have to tie up in a single office corner. You can work or communicate easily with customers and employees from any corner of the world and provide a flexible working environment for remote employees.

Cost Effectiveness

Unlike old rigid telephone systems, you don’t have to install high-cost infrastructure to communicate in a cloud platform. Cloud phone allows you to make phone calls without a SIM card just by using a softphone. You can leverage internet-connected devices you already have, like smartphones, PCs, tablets, etc. So, the cost of telephony hardware is highly reduced.

Also, cloud phones operate via the Internet, and you can access them anywhere with a stable internet connection. So it doesn’t require large office space, saving you from high monthly rental fees. Also, cloud telephony systems do not require installation, updates, or maintenance once you have paid your subscription fee. The service provider will handle everything else for you.

Reliability and Consistency 

As cloud telephony solutions are entirely dependent on internet connections, the service will not be disrupted in case of natural disasters like earthquakes and other disasters, unlike cellular service. 

There are multiple data centers and redundant network infrastructure to store and back up the data in the event of a disaster. Moreover, VoIP services maintain quality and consistency in communication by providing Quality of Service (QoS), real-time maintenance, minimal delay, jitter, and packet loss.  

Integration with Other Communication Channels

Integrating VoIP service platforms into their existing workplaces allows businesses to track and communicate with customers more easily without switching platforms. 

Using Cloud telephony allows you to manage customers and make calls simultaneously. The integration of CRM will enable you to access more leads and reduce lead leakages. It facilitates your business process by streamlining your pipeline and maintaining a smooth business flow.

Cloud platforms can integrate your business communications with popular platforms like Zendesk, Zoho Desk, Salesforce, Slack, Google Workspace, and more so that data flows smoothly across multiple communication channels, giving you a clear understanding of your business customers through advanced integration capabilities, help retain customers and answer queries quickly.

Advanced Call Management Features

The limited features of traditional phone calls can cause businesses to miss calls and deliver a bad calling experience to customers. However, the Cloud telephony system provides call routing and call forwarding with voicemails, which allows call routing directly to suitable agents without waiting time.

Moreover, it improves the customer’s experience, and the customer won’t miss a call and will be able to resolve his or her issue in a timely manner. Here are some advanced features that old traditional phones lack:

  1. Auto-attendant: Helps you to connect to the right customer, person, or team.
  2. Call Forwarding: With cloud calling, you can forward incoming calls to any department in your company, safeguarding your number in this way.
  3. Call Analytics: With cloud telephony, you can collect, analyze, and report all the phone calls made by all the members of your organization and customers to deliver excellent service and streamline business operations.
  4. Call Recording: This feature allows you to record calls, which can be helpful for future use. Moreover, this audio can be used as proof to analyze the problems and deliver a better calling experience.
  5. Click to call Functionality:  Your business can be connected directly to customers with a “call us now” button. 

Tips for Growing Your Business Through Cloud Telephony

Keeping up with the fast-paced growth of technology, businesses of any size now require cloud telephony. Also, the cloud-based telephone market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 12% from 2020 to 2025. To increase your business and provide excellent customer service, cloud telephony is the ultimate solution. Here are some tips for growing your business through cloud telephony.

Tips for Growing Your Business Through Cloud Telephony

Choose the Right Cloud Telephony Provider

The number of cloud telephony providers is also increasing with the growing use of cloud telephony. Cloud telephony providers are abundant in the market, but choosing the right cloud telephony service provider like KrispCall is important. 

Choose the right cloud telephony provider that meets your business requirements, research the providers, go through their reviews, and ask for free trials. Also, make sure the provider provides 24/7 assistance.

Consider price, features, and support when evaluating providers. To get the best deal, compare providers. Lastly, review the contract before signing it. Lastly, review the contract before signing it. This will help you choose the right cloud telephony provider and streamline business communication operations.

Customize Your IVR Menus

After selecting the right provider, customize your IVR menus according to the nature of your business and help customers reach the right agent on a single call. Generate prompts that can assist your customers in connecting to the right agent, solving their issues on time, and providing timely support.

Create a professional image of your organization by defining appropriate calling routes, customizing the hold message, and providing excellent customer service.

Use Call Recording for Quality Assurance

Call recording is an excellent feature for businesses to record calls. This audio recording of calls can be beneficial for businesses. Some businesses use sales call recording as proof, while others use call recording to check quality and improve sales calls. Moreover, call recording can assist businesses in tracking customer satisfaction and identifying potential problems.

 Also, it helps you to monitor employee performance, provide necessary training to employees in the area they are lacking, and improve customer service. The analytics and valuable insights from call recording assist businesses in delivering quality calling experience and enhancing customer experience.

Implement Call Forwarding for Better Customer Service

Old rigid telephones do not have call-forwarding features. Still, cloud telephony allows this call-forwarding feature, which forwards or redirects a call to the next alternate number. At the same time, the agent is unavailable without missing any phone calls and delivers excellent customer service. 

Implementing call forwarding businesses can deliver exceptional customer service and never miss out on any important calls. Delivering excellent support directly helps in building the professional image of the business. 

Furthermore, this can lead to higher customer satisfaction ratings and more sales. The quality of your customer service can also assist in creating a loyal customer base, which is an essential asset for any company.

Analyze Your Call Data for Insights

Call data are very crucial for any business. By leveraging cloud telephony, businesses can gain valuable insights into customer behavior, identify trends, and optimize customer service processes. 

Furthermore, cloud telephony can measure customer loyalty and satisfaction by tracking customer interactions. These valuable insights help businesses make decisions, optimize customer support operations, and enhance marketing strategies.

With call recording and analytics, businesses can better understand customer interactions, track traffic patterns, and analyze sentiments to determine customer satisfaction. Therefore, these insights are crucial for any business to improve according to customers’ preferences and deliver excellent and satisfactory customer service. 

Best Practices for Cloud Telephony

Since most businesses are integrating cloud telephony into their business, here are some of the best practices for cloud telephony:

  1. Security: Regularly review your security policies and stay up-to-date on patches and updates. Also, use strong passwords, encryption, and authentication to protect sensitive data and ensure no third party can access it.
  2. Scalability: Select a cloud telephony provider that offers your scalability. Businesses today are dynamic, so choose a telephony solution that can grow with your business. A cloud platform can automatically scale to handle fluctuations in call volume. Also, ensure the provider offers reliable technical and customer support.
  3. Quality of Service (QoS): Ensuring good Quality of service to customers is crucial for any business. Poor and unstable business communication can result in a bad image of the organization. So, prioritize network traffic and use Quality of Service (QoS) settings to allocate bandwidth appropriately and enhance high-quality calling.
  4. Integration: integrate your phone system to a cloud platform for better insights and deliver excellent custom service. Integrating your phone system into different business applications allows you to streamline business processes, enhance customer experience, and improve collaboration and productivity.
  5. Disaster Recovery: Information and data are very crucial for any business. So, a cloud-based platform is a perfect option to safeguard or protect your sensitive data from hacking and data theft. Since disaster is unseen, storing data on clouds for quick recovery and no data loss is safe. 


To sum up, shifting from an old telephone system to a cloud-based system can be very useful for businesses today. In addition to cost savings, advanced features, integration, scalability, and flexibility, the benefits allow businesses to keep up with fast-paced technological advancements and provide an exceptional customer service experience.

You can streamline business processes, enhance mobility, enhance remote work, and deliver excellent customer service using the best cloud telephony provider like KrsipCall. So hurry up and skyrocket your business communication via KrispCall.      

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