Zorb ball: The most fun you can have without leaving the ground

Zorb ball

If you haven’t heard about zorb ball, now you’re probably wondering what the heck it is! Zorb ball might sound like a fun game you can play at home with your friends, but it’s actually so much more than that. It has to be experienced to be understood – it is unlike anything else you have ever tried, and it will change the way you think of fun and excitement!

What is a zorb ball?

A zorb ball is a large inflatable orb that players get inside to play. The orb is made of two pieces of plastic, which are connected by an airtight zipper. Players put on safety gear, such as a helmet and elbow pads, before jumping in and rolling around on their bellies. Zorbing was invented in New Zealand in 1991 by two guys who were looking for a way to surf fields of snow rather than waves. They named it zorbing after snowboarding and rolling. A zorb ball has no brakes, so it’s important to keep your head up so you don’t slam into the side of the orb. Most people start off with small pushes until they’re comfortable enough to roll around faster.

How do you play with a zorb ball?

A zorb ball is a strange but wonderful invention. It is a large inflatable sphere that has been constructed to withstand impacts and is used for activities like zorbing, snow skiing, and other off-road sports. In order to play with this strange new toy, all you need is an open field and a willing partner. First stand on the inside of the zorb so that your entire body except your head and hands are covered by it. Have your partner then climb into the outside of the sphere so that their head sticks out. Now take turns pushing each other around in circles until one of you finally falls out!

Where can you buy a zorb ball?

The zorb ball is a special sphere that’s meant to be played on. It’s made of two hemispheres, joined together and then inflated with air. This allows it to stay upright and bounce around like a bouncy house in miniature form. There are many places where you can buy a zorb ball, but one of the easiest is an online shopping center. Zorbing has been played for years in different parts of the world, but has only recently caught on in North America as well. There are numerous different games that people play with these balls – from throwing them at each other, to using them as soccer balls, or even using them as giant hamster balls!

How much does a zorb ball cost?

The Zorb Ball is an inflatable sphere that creates a totally new experience for sports. You may be thinking, What do I do with this thing? But, when you get in and start rolling on any terrain, whether it be water or dirt, your adrenaline will take over and you’ll know why this is so much fun! The price of a Zorb Ball typically ranges from $299-$499 depending on size. It’s definitely worth it if you’re looking to spend some time outdoors with friends.

When shopping for any product, you want to make sure that you’re getting quality. But especially when it comes to something as fun as zorb ball! To ensure you’re getting a high quality ball, make sure that you’re purchasing it from a reputable shop. One of the best places to find such a product is Kameymall. They have plenty of information on their website on how to use and maintain a zorb ball. 

Are there any safety concerns with playing with a zorb ball?

The zorb balls are very safe, but there is a limit to how much weight it can bear. It’s recommended for adults to not exceed 220 pounds of weight and children under 220 pounds. There is also a height limit of 6 ft 3 in. If you’re over that height, then your feet will be sticking out of the bottom of the zorb ball and this could cause problems with stability.


Now that you know what a zorb ball is, we hope it will give you some ideas for your next weekend adventure! If you are like us, then thinking about zorb balls makes your mouth water. They look so much fun! As soon as we get our hands on one of these bad boys, we’ll be sure to let everyone know how great they are. So until then, if anyone has any questions or would like more information on zorbing, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments below! We love hearing from all of our readers and are always happy to help out where we can.

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