Your Guide To Using Twitter API For Business


Amid all the social media websites today, Twitter is one of the most influential microblogging platforms. Perhaps the only platform through which you can know exactly what is happening currently and what are the people talking about in 60 words or less. Millions of people around the world use twitter on a daily basis to exchange information and ideas. Therefore, it is now being used as a platform by businesses to carry on their day-to-day operations. 

Twitter is all about noting the events and trends worldwide. In the last few years as the world has become closer with the help of technological dominion and the advent of Twitter APIs, things have become easier than ever and so has the ease of doing business. While you may think that it requires an experienced pro developer to put Twitter APIs into place for businesses, you can easily control the things and have APIs under your control unless there are some functionalities for which you might need professional expertise. 

Therefore, if you are still unsure about Twitter APIs, stay tuned through this thread. 

What is the Twitter API?

Just like the WhatsApp and Instagram API, the Twitter API also allows the user to access and read the twitter data. The twitter API for business can be used to compose tweets, access the data of your followers on the platform as well as read profiles and analyze them. API basically stands for application programming interface which essentially means middleman services between two different applications to communicate with one another. It basically helps in streamlining the process as well as bridging the existing gap between two applications. 

What are the advantages of Twitter API?

The API usually comes with a list of different commands which essentially means that you can have different things executed on your behalf. For instance, if you are at a restaurant ordering food, the middleman between you and the restaurant is the waiting staff that takes your order. Now if the waiter isn’t present, then you’d have to make your order directly with the kitchen which would be a hassle. Hence, the Twitter API basically serves the same purpose, enlisting the various methods of communication between two applications so that the communication is hassle free. These methods include GET, POST, PUT and DELETE for retrieving, creating, updating and removing data. 

Since, you can retrieve, view and sort the data through Twitter API, you can easily build an application that helps in accessing a particular variety of tweets such as those related to covid-19 vaccine manufacturers such as Pfizer and AstraZeneca. At the same time, if you wish to create a website where your customers can read tweets from select locations only, Twitter API is the key in doing that. You can launch your very own project so that you can gauge the sentiment of your tweets. In fact, you can also curate certain tweets to create a narrative for your website. 

What are the features of Twitter API?

There are a variety of features of the Twitter API that can be utilized for their potential. The four main objects that are a part of everyday activity are tweets, places, entities and users. Now the Twitter API system is based on HTTP instead of SSL. At the same time, there are a few restrictions such as the calls in the API are restricted with the help of access tokens that helps in protecting twitter against abuse. 

You can easily retrieve all the tweets under a particular hashtag. In fact, the results return the tweets that are sent in the last 7 days, by default. Moreover, you can see what is trending in a particular location and create conversations or start twitter threads around that. When one ventures deeper into the world of twitter API for business, it helps in creating bots as well. You can share specific content related to an important event, campaign, historical day of significance, etc so that you can remind your followers as well as employees of the same. 

What is the cost of Twitter API?

There are different API packages to select from when it comes to Twitter API for business. These mainly include standard, premium and enterprise packages. Now, while the standard twitter API package is totally free of cost, if your business needs more functionality to unleash twitter’s maximum potential then the premium subscription is the way to move ahead. As far as the enterprise API is concerned, it works best for large organizations and enterprises that wish to do a campaign through the platform or use the twitter management services to streamline other businesses. 

What are the examples of Twitter API?

Before you make up your mind about whether or not to use the Twitter API for business, it is essential to take a look at some of the successful Twitter API examples: tweetbot, Tweetdeck, and tweet map. 

Tweetbot: this uses twitter API to offer a seamless experience for users to engage in conversations and tweets. It helps in retrieving the timelines of tweets, sending and receiving direct messages as well as filtering the real time tweets. 

Tweetdeck: This feature can be understood simply as a dashboard that gives the users multiple functionalities and choices. You can easily view all the notifications, hashtags, trending topics and discussions from around the world under a single umbrella. 

Tweetmap: this uses Twitter API so that location-based tweets can be shown to the user. It helps in posting, retrieving and engaging with the tweets as well as identifying the trends at a particular location. 

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