Your Guide to AdvancedMD EMR VS Eyefinity EHR!


AdvancedMD vs. Eyefinity EHR:

About Eyefinity EHR:

EHR Eyefinity is able to pick up on your charting habits and working style. More people use the U.S.Eyefinity software platform than any other. Eyefinity EMR serves customers worldwide as well. It is simple to use, adapts to your input, and chooses diagnosis codes accordingly. This quickens entry. You can practice without losing your patient data thanks to Eyefinity EHR, EyeFinity’s native iPad app.

Eyefinity EHR software can also be used by ophthalmology practices. Additionally, Eyefinity provides customized software development and one-on-one consulting services. To create unique EHR solutions, they can be integrated with already-existing medical or training management software. Any eye care provider can benefit from Eyefinity’s comprehensive software solutions, which include claim management, eLab optical lab ordering, eStores e-commerce, and extra web website development.

Eyefinity EHR Software, which has received ONC-ATCB certification, is fully qualified to implement the meaningful use of certified EHR technology in stage 1 and stage 2 practices. The EMR complies with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), which is necessary to safeguard patient health information, as well as ICD-10 (PHI). The only EHR iPad app in the optometric industry is Eyefinity. It ensures that all of the built-in features of the iPad, including the camera and Siri, are working properly.

About AdvancedMD EMR:

AdvancedMD EMR is a completely integrated, cloud-based software platform for patient engagement, medical billing, and electronic health records. Fully integrated software systems for independent physician practices and healthcare organizations, AdvancedMD EMR software was established in 1999.

The business, which has its headquarters in South Jordan, Utah, provides services to 600 medical billing companies, 8,000 healthcare practices, and about 22,500 medical experts. Every month, the AdvancedMD EMR healthcare billing platform processes nearly 3.5M insurance claims.

The cloud-based solution helps doctors and clinics automate workflows and guarantees accurate data transfers. Patient relationship management, electronic health records, practice management, benchmarking of physician performance, telemedicine, and business analytics reporting are important features.

For practices looking to outsource a third-party billing vendor, it also offers a billing service. To know the AdvancedMD price and AdvancedMD EMR Reviews, you can schedule an AdvancedMD EMR demo. 

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Pros and Cons – Eyefinity EHR:


  • Many people esteem the capability of importing prescription drugs from software that is user-friendly and offers prompt customer service.
  • The software is current, and improvements are frequently made based on user feedback, adding new characteristics that boost productivity. The pharmacy of the patient. They claimed that it improves accuracy and saves time.


  • Some users believe this product is a poor choice because it lacks essential features, such as the ability to compute receipts and track gross net income over time, that are typical of practice management software.

Eyefinity EHR Pricing:

There is no free version available. There is no free trial for Eyefinity EHR. The vendor also refuses to disclose the product’s price. You can set up an Eyefinity EHR demo right away if you’re interested in learning more about Eyefinity EHR cost and other details.

Eyefinity EHR features:

Interoperable Chart Sharing: 

Use CEHRT to focus on patient charting and provide doctors and patients with direct access to medical reports and data. Organized collection techniques and precise analysis can promote effective communication between doctors, pharmacies, clients, and staff members.

Patient portal: 

Provide customers with an intuitive dashboard so they can schedule their own appointments, view e-prescriptions, and schedule tests and follow-up appointments. Use outlets for invoicing clients smoothly and delivering accurate billing statements to them.

Claim Tracking:

Track pending claims that might need follow-ups using advanced analytics. To lessen conflicts, incorrect record charges, and insurance ineligibility.

AdvancedMD EMR Features:

Calendar Features:

Healthcare professionals must keep track of their scheduled appointments. You can view your color-coded appointment types and get a quick overview of the patient’s history using the calendar tool in the AdvancedMD EMR software.

You can also select where to view the calendar if you have several setups. The calendar additionally gives a brief rundown of the patient’s name, identity, insurance details, and other crucial specifics.

In your notes, you can also keep records of each client’s appointment. Overall, the calendar feature dramatically improves your administrative workflow, which makes the cost of AdvancedMD EMR justified.

Medical billing features:

Medical billing is complex and time-consuming, but AdvancedMD EMR excels at it. As a result, one of the most flexible methods for handling your financial obligations is the AdvancedMD billing tool.

The revenue cycle management tools in the billing module are generally dependable. Clearinghouses are used by AdvancedMD, and the cost is covered by the subscription fee. As soon as you sign the clinical notes on the EMR, the prices are immediately transmitted to the billing module.

By establishing a connection with credit card processors, AdvancedMD EMR can also assist you in receiving quick payments for unpaid balances. A lot of AdvancedMD Medical billing reviews talk about these features

AdvancedMD EMR telemedicine:

Your office can easily set up virtual appointments using integrated telemedicine functionality, and you can view all of your telemedicine appointments on a single dashboard.

You can deliver and record patient visits using AdvancedMD’s telemedicine features just like if the patient were in your office. Enables you to securely connect to patients via two-way video, monitor vital signs from a distance, communicate with patients via the patient portal, and even send still images.

Pros and Cons – AdvancedMD EMR:


  • Provides a full range of solutions.
  • It has a “smart dashboard” that displays alerts, workflow components, and prioritization.
  • Emerged as a pioneer in the integration of telemedicine.
  • The Product Advisory Group offers businesses access to engineers directly.


  • They offer “add-on products” that might be mistaken for a component of the basic package. To avoid surprises later, ensure you comprehend your agreement and implementation package.
  • Provide conferences and training at a high cost, particularly if travel is required.

AdvancedMD EMR Pricing:

The business provides flexible pricing choices. Small medical practices with low patient volumes can purchase a standalone product for $1.42 per patient encounter while paying $2.18 for an integrated software solution. The cost of the integrated OM and EMR for the regular monthly subscription model is $729 per provider.

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