Wrike Review vs Jira Review – Which Software is More User-Friendly

Wrike review

There are a few different technologies used in professional settings and one of them is project management software. The impression they make on users depends on their size, requirements, and usage. When you read user reviews for any platform it is important to remember that the feedback is subjective to the industry and type of organization. We have completed a comparison of Wrike review vs Jira review to help users learn more about the features and functionality of either product from an objective point of view.

Wrike Overview

Wrike is one of those project management solutions that has a long list of task management features and additional functionality. Also, Wrike software is an appropriate option for most projects especially if the budget is generous. The lowest paid pricing plan starts at $9.80 per month only but if you add up the costs for a team of 5 it comes up to $588 per year.

Although not all companies can afford the paid version there is a free plan as well. The advanced tiers are for larger teams and have a lot of functionality to offer.

Jira Overview

Jira softwareis a product by Atlassian that was designed for issue tracking in software development projects. It has branched out into other areas since then and offers everything a team needs. Tracking the complete internal tasks, issues, time spent on projects and generating reports is all possible with the software.

The only shortcoming for Jira is in that it does not support financial management, budgeting, or invoicing. The software pricing is much lower than Wrike and suitable for teams of up to 10 people. However, the higher tiers are much more expensive.

Wrike Review vs Jira Review – Features

Both tools offer multiple project management features from reporting, tracking, task management, to collaboration. However, only one of them has budgeting functions incorporated into the software which makes it a comprehensive solution.

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Wrike Software

Wrike software offers a lot of options to project managers which makes it difficult for reviews to focus on a few. It provides users with multiple forms for task tracking and management. Those who want to use a Kanban system can use the board view or switch to Gantt charts and task lists according to their preferences. The software makes it easier to set up projects accordingly and helps track them in a holistic manner.

It is important for teams to have flexibility when it comes to project management, especially when they want to test different methods before they make up their mind. The task and project creation process on Wrike is as simple as clicking a button and then adding the relevant information in the fields. According to Wrike review vs Jira review, the Wrike process follows the same standards for tracking as well.

Those who are focusing on the collaborative aspect of software management will notice Wrike stands out. It has different visual options that separate it from standard project management solutions. Users can choose the one they find most suitable and make sure Wrike is different from the competition. They will be building a system by following a step-by-step process with prompts from the system.

The task completion time system can track project issues, budgets, and other information using the table or column format. This is something not commonly found in other software and it helps track or measure the metrics associated with it. It is easier to collaborate when all the information is organized and ready to use.

Jira Software

Those teams using Jira for projects that focus on software development will find that it functions very well. It is easy to use and the appeal is not lost on the general audience either. The system has introduced several updates over the years and expanded its functionality to more than just issue or bug tracking. Most users also praise the user interface because it is well-designed and easy to navigate.

The task management options are impressive and help users build complete projects from scratch. It has a Kanban system which ensures that the system is familiar with different types of task management options. Those who want access to different options can also choose between timeline, Gantt charts, and list views. These options are completely customizable according to the type of project.

Task creation is available in Jira and has standard options for assigning tasks, setting due dates, adding descriptions, and marking the priority levels. They can also attach documents such as project files or images to help the team members get started. These functions are expected from most platforms but their usability is exceptional. The drag-and-drop option is also very familiar and helps users move task cards from one category to another.

From the Wrike review vs Jira review, we can tell the Jira interface is similar to a Kanban system which is another plus point. It also is very easy to build reports and all users have to do is choose the type of report and click a few buttons. The choices available to them include Agile, time tracking, and workload. These are not the only options and they can build any type of report, view it and export it to other programs.

Jira software lacks budget management and task list features which is one downside. Since it initially started out as an issue tracking tool, it is not that surprising but they should add more updates so users do not have to rely on integrations to access financial management features.


It is time to round up the Wrike review vs Jira review debate. Both platforms have robust project management features which make them worthy contenders. Those who want long-term software should consider Wrike but for an easier onboarding process, Jira is the best option. The final choice depends on the organization and its specific needs. They should only choose software that has all the options available according to their preferences. The best way to find one is to schedule a live demonstration.



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