What Wooden utensils Is Suitable for Choosing Dishes?

Wooden utensils

Wooden utensils are an original and stylish kitchen item. Of course, wooden utensils are no longer in demand when there were simply no other utensils. But in our time, the pursuit of the environmental friendliness of your home returns the demand for wooden utensils.

But not all types of wood are suitable for making not only high-quality dishes but also dishes in general. In the article, we will figure out what types of wood the dishes are made of and which one is best to choose.

Pros and cons of wooden utensils

The positive characteristics of wooden utensils include:

  • Of course, the first advantage of wooden utensils is the naturalness of the material. The wooden tray is not treated with chemicals, paints, etc.
  • Some types of wood used for the production of dishes can help improve the condition of stomach diseases, in some cases even cure the disease.
  • Wooden utensils will not break when dropped; chips do not appear on impact. Therefore, high strength is the second plus of wooden utensils.
  • On a wooden plate (cup, mug, etc.), food and drinks cool down longer, and the outside of the dishes do not become scalding hot.
  • The tannins that wood is rich in enrich the taste and aroma of food. Then, the tree has natural antiseptic properties that improve the quality of food, additionally “disinfecting” it.
  • In dishes made of wood, food does not get moldy longer. Groats in a wooden container do not dampen.
  • The relatively low cost of wooden utensils compared to analogs from other materials.

Disadvantages of wooden utensils

  • Wooden utensils cannot be used in the oven or microwave.
  • It is necessary to follow certain care rules (cannot be washed in a dishwasher, wash immediately after use, and dry thoroughly to avoid the appearance of fungus and mold).

What kind of trees are dishes made from?

Choosing the right wood for making dishes is a very important point. On which the strength, durability, and quality of products depend. The main species that are used for the manufacture of dishes are oak, acacia, aspen, ash, bamboo, and linden wood.

Oak wood has a high degree of resistance to moisture and temperature changes. However, the oak is very durable. A subtle pleasant, persistent aroma has acacia wood. Plus, the texture of the acacia is very beautiful. The dishes look great.

For the production of tableware, bamboo can be called the best material. Bamboo is light, durable, resistant to moisture, and has a pronounced antiseptic property. And bamboo does not absorb odors, unlike other types of wood.

The mechanical characteristics of linden wood in terms of resistance to external influences made its wood actively used for the manufacture of wooden utensils. In addition, thanks to the substances that make up linden wood, it has a tonic, bactericidal, and even healing effect.

Strong and durable dishes are obtained from ash wood. And also, it has a deep, rich dark, and very beautiful color. In addition to the characteristics of wood, it is important from which part of the trunk the dishes are made.

The wood from the lowest part of the trunk is the strongest, its structure should be straight. Strength will be added by making dishes from freshly cut, raw wood. In addition, such a tree is easier to process than fast drying.


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