How to Use WooCommerce Points and Rewards Program to Increase Customer Retention and Loyalty


Most businesses need to understand that acquiring new customers is an expensive task. However, another way to bring that expense down without hurting the overall revenue is by focusing on your customer loyalty and retention. A returning customer has zero acquisition cost plus, they can become a very good brand advocate to other potential buyers, clients, and customers.

Retaining your customers is just as important as acquiring new ones; you have your reputation to maintain and trust to build. The best way to make your customer feel at home is to set up a loyalty and rewards program that encourages your customer to remain part of your brand. Companies like Uber, Microsoft, Nike have become a staple of success simply by focusing on keeping their user base from ever leaving them.

Many business owners have had the problem of sustaining a user base, but with a WooCommerce points & rewards program, you can easily retain customers by giving them rewards for performing tasks as simple as logging into their account. This encourages them to do more tasks like make purchases and engage in activities.

This concept is called Gamification, which, as defined on the internet, adds game mechanics into nongame environments, like a website, online community, learning management system, or business’ intranet to increase participation.

Customers can use these rewards (points) to redeem discounts and exclusive offers.

Today, we will help you create a loyalty program on your WooCommerce store.


  • Install a loyalty program plugin
  • Activate and configure the loyalty program
  • Display loyalty points details

Install A Loyalty Program Plugin

The establishment of a loyalty program on WooCommerce will be possible thanks to a plugin called “MyCred”. It is currently one of the best plugins to create and manage loyalty programs.

Start by going to the WordPress plugins library via the “Plugins > Add” menu.

Then search, in the search bar on the right, for the plugin “MyCred.”

Locate the plugin called “MyCred – Loyalty Points and Rewards Program for WooCommerce” then click “Install Now” and “Activate” to install and activate the plugin on your store.

This plugin works with WooCommerce, so you will need to install the “WooCommerce” plugin to use “MyCred – Loyalty Points and Rewards Program for WooCommerce”.

WooCommerce loyalty program install MyCred

Activate and Configure The Loyalty Program

When the “MyCred” plugin is active on your WordPress site, you can go to the “Wizard” plugin configuration wizard to set up the points and rewards system.

Define a name for the points and rewards system to be created, for example, “Loyalty program” then click on the “Next” button.

WooCommerce Loyalty Program Set Up Wizard

MyCred offers four different methods for your customers to earn loyalty points.

In this second step, you will need to add a point value to each method if you want to use it to give points to your customers. Leave the point value blank if you don’t want to use the method.

Here are the methods you can configure in the version of MyCred:

  • Points for each spent: Define the number of points earned per spent on your store
  • Points on Order Placed: Set the number of points earned when a customer places an order
  • Extra points on first Order: Set a bonus point when a new customer orders online on your site
  • Product Rating Points: Set a point value for each review/rating left by a customer after placing an order

Select the methods you wish to integrate into your loyalty program by defining a value in the field associated with the method.

Then click on “Next” to proceed to the rewards configuration.

The rewards you can configure are:

Cost in points: Define a value for each point so that your customers can apply a reduction on the next Order according to the number of points they hold.

Discount (%): The same principle as the “Voucher”, your customers can exchange their loyalty points for a discount coupon defined as a percentage.

Select the reward to configure, enter the number of points needed to access the reward if requested, and define the reward amount.

Finish setting up your loyalty program by clicking on “Next” and accessing its summary.

WooCommerce loyalty program configure MyCred

Check the points and reward system settings.

Select “Yes” next to “Start the program” if this is not already the case, then click on “Validate” to finalize the configuration of the loyalty program.

Display loyalty points details

Now that the loyalty program is in place, your customers will earn loyalty points according to the built-in methods for earning points.

The “MyCred” plugin transparently and automatically manages your customers’ loyalty points. That is to say, the loyalty points will be automatically added to their balance after each Order. And their balance will be automatically transformed into a reward when it has reached the amount necessary to unlock the reward you have configured.

When a customer has reached a sufficient balance of loyalty points, he will receive an email indicating that a reward has just been awarded to him in the case of a reward that is to be unlocked according to a defined number of points.

You can customize your site’s account page to display the current balance and history of transactions and rewards received from your customers. To do this, go to the page of your site which has the role of the “My Account” page, and paste the following two shortcodes:

WooCommerce Loyalty points loyalty program

Use loyalty points

If your loyalty program reward is a discount based on the number of points (points cost), your customers will be able to choose how much to deduct from their next Order from their loyalty points balance.

For this, MyCred provides a widget that can be displayed in the shopping cart and/or when placing the Order. Go to the “Appearance” setting of the plugin, then go down to the “Points on Cart” section.

Select “Between products and totals” for the “Display basket” option to display the discount widget on the basket according to the balance of available points. Also, check the “Reload the basket page after changing the amount” box.

You can also display this same widget on the order page by selecting a choice other than “Do not display at all” for the “Display on order” option and by checking the option “Reload the payment page after modification of the amount”.

Complete this configuration by saving the changes with the “Save Changes” button at the top right of the page.

WooCommerce Shopping Cart Points Loyalty Program

Then go to the basket page of your store after adding a product to your basket. Between the summary of your products and the totals of your Order, you will have the “MyCred” widget allowing you to use a number of points to be defined, which will be deducted from the total of your order.


The loyalty program is essential to increase turnover by not spending more to acquire new customers. Thanks to the various plugins available on WordPress, including “MyCred”, it is now easy to integrate such a system into your WooCommerce store without any difficulty. Do not miss the opportunity to retain your customers and increase the life of your customers with the help of this amazing plugin.


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