Why You Should Switch To Bamboo Golf Tees

Golf Tees

Nowadays many of us are trying to make more sustainable choices in our everyday life – and it doesn’t stop at our games of golf. Golf is one of the most environmentally demanding sports there is, so naturally, golfers are looking for ways to make their games more ‘green’.

In this article, we will be looking at why you should consider switching to bamboo golf tees as one of your more eco-friendly choices.

1.  Better For The Planet

It goes without saying that bamboo is better for the planet. Typically, golf tees are made from plastic, which doesn’t naturally biodegrade like its wooden counterparts.

Bamboo golf tees are just as robust as plastic ones, and also offer the extra layer of sustainability many of us are looking to add to our golf games.

Did you know that bamboo can grow 1000 times faster than common hardwoods like oak? That’s right! Not to mention, bamboo shoots can grow up to 3.5ft a day without the use of harmful fertilizers. It’s one of the world’s fastest-growing natural resources and is one of the most sustainable alternatives.

2.  Better For Your Course Maintenance

Whilst bamboo golf tees are sturdy, they are also a lot less hard-wearing than plastic alternatives. They can stand a few swipes from a golf club but they won’t damage your local club’s mower blades. Golf tees are known to disappear in the ground, snap in half or simply stick around after you’ve teed off.

This can become a problem for golf course maintenance resulting in many broken mowers, and other gardening equipment. Bamboo golf tees are much kinder to grass trimmers, and also ensure that you are leaving the grounds in the same condition you found them in.

3.  More Economically Viable

Bamboo golf tees are better for the environment, whilst also being much kinder to your wallet. Compared to wooden and plastic tees, their bamboo counterparts are considered to be more economical and much lower in cost.

If you are looking to tee off on a budget, then switching out your more expensive equipment for a bamboo alternative could be a good route for you.

4.  Just As Sturdy As Plastic Golf Tees

As mentioned above, bamboo golf tees are just as sturdy as plastic ones. Bamboo is actually a type of grass, meaning that it grows fast, and in abundance. The nature of how bamboo grows, and its much longer fibers, allow for the tees to be more flexible and less likely to snap.

So, instead of picking up your typical plastic golf tees, or even a wooden version, why not try out a bamboo alternative instead and test the difference for yourself?


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