Why Should You Consider New York Nonprofit Jobs After College?


Should I consider NY nonprofit jobs? This question is common among New York’s fresh college graduates. If you also have this burning question in mind, then this blog is certainly for you.

The truth is nonprofit jobs have their strengths and weaknesses. However, you need to understand that the advantages of working at a nonprofit organization are greater than the disadvantages. As you read further, you’ll understand why it makes sense to consider New York nonprofit jobs after your college graduation.

5 reasons to consider New York nonprofits after graduation

Nonprofit organizations are organizations designed to operate for public, collective, or social benefits. Unlike other organizations, nonprofits don’t aim to generate profit for their owners. Instead of that, these organizations mostly operate their businesses by improving human lives. They target the most vulnerable humans and deliver them relevant services.

If nonprofit organizations don’t aim to make profits for their owners, then why should you consider NY nonprofit jobs?

  1. Transferable skills

As a fresh college graduate, it makes a lot of sense if you opt for a job that contributes to your success. That said, when it comes to looking for your first job, you should only consider working for a company that allows you to gain transferable skills. Here’s where the need to consider New York nonprofits comes into the scene.

You’ll certainly gain transferable skills by working at some of the best non-profit organizations out there. Interestingly, apart from contributing to your success, these skills will also allow you to gain much-needed control over your career path.

  1. Making an impact

Another good reason to consider NY nonprofits after your college graduation is that it enables you to make a difference in people’s lives. Unlike for-profit organizations that mostly focus on making profits, your job will mostly be to address the social needs of vulnerable people. With this job, you’ll be able to make a good impact on the environment.

  1. Creativity

Nothing beats getting a job that allows you to work creatively. With the right New York nonprofit jobs, you’ll be able to showcase your creativity while working. Most nonprofit organizations are often short of team members to carry out various job roles. If you get a chance to work in any of these corporations, you’ll get to contribute to jobs in your creative ways.

  1. Competitive salary 

Earlier, we mentioned that non-profit organizations do not aim to make profits for their owners. While that’s the fact, you need to also understand that this doesn’t mean you’ll get a low salary by settling for New York nonprofits.

According to recent data collated by The Nonprofit Almanac, nonprofits generally pay roughly $635 billion (annual wages) to over 14.4 million employees in the United States. By rough calculation, that’s approximately 10% of the total wages paid in the country. With this data, it’s safe to say that nonprofit organizations also pay better and more competitive salaries to their workers.

  1. Opportunities for fresh graduates

One highlighting feature of New York nonprofit jobs is that they offer tons of opportunities for fresh college graduates. This is unlikely in for-profit jobs, as they mostly focus on targeting experienced job seekers.

Of course, we’re not saying that for-profit organizations don’t employ fresh graduates. Instead, what we mean is that these corporations often think twice before considering fresh college graduates.

How to find New York nonprofit jobs?


One of the most effective ways to find suitable nonprofit jobs is by relying on the best New York nonprofit job boards. With the right platform, you’ll get to discover nonprofit jobs with competitive salaries. You can learn more about how applying for NY nonprofit jobs works.

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