Why Made To Measure Decor Is Important For Modern Décor


Whenever you go to buy a décor piece, piece of furniture, or furnishings for your home, you will have the option of buying a pre-made standard-sized item or a bespoke made-to-measure item. While each has its own advantages, in today’s world more often than not made to measure pieces are the right choice to make.

To find out why made-to-measure items are preferable in today’s market we spoke to one of the UK’s leading made to measure blinds retailer Dotcomblinds.com to get their expert insight as to why bespoke or made-to-measure products are often a better choice than pre-made items. 

House Sizes Aren’t Uniform

The first reason why made-to-measure décor is so important is that the sizes for almost everything in a home are not uniform at all, which can make it hard to get décor pieces made to the correct size and scale.  Modern homes are made of all sizes, ranging from tiny 1-bedroom homes all the way to grand 10-bedroom mansions.

With house, room, and space size not being uniform, buying made-to-measure decor items makes it so much easier to know that your décor items will be to the correct size and scale for your home. With large items for large spaces and smaller items for small spaces Taking blinds for example, in a large house with large windows, it will be hard to find window blinds off-the-shelf at just the right size, so buying made-to-measure blinds makes more sense.

Avoid Unnecessary Waste

An issue with pre-made décor products is that they can cause an awful lot of waste when they’re not the right size. If you have a rug that is too large for your living room, your only options are to buy a new rug or cut your rug down to the side, with both options causing unnecessary wastage, as some or all of the product will end up in a landfill.

As sustainable living has been a big trend over the past few years, this re-instates the importance of made-to-measure products. If you can get your décor pieces like curtains and rugs made to the correct size in the first place there would be no need to waste the products when they’re trimmed down or replaced entirely.

Quality Over Convenience 

Another common issue with pre-made ‘standard-sized’ decor items is quality, or the lack thereof. As these ready-made items are often mass-produced there are often compromises with quality, either in the materials used or the quality of workmanship that went into manufacturing it.

Whereas made-to-measure products are made to order, meaning that they get careful attention when made and generally use higher quality materials to justify the added price of getting items made bespoke. A good example of this is roller blinds, you’ll often find that premade roller blinds are made with shoddy materials, such as cardboard roller tubes, whereas made-to-measure roller blinds are often made with more durable metal or plastic roller tubes.

Unique Décor Pieces

When you buy a pre-made décor item, you know that 1000’s other people have that exact item in their home somewhere, which can take away the special feeling you get from decorating your home. After all, your style can’t be unique when it’s mass-produced and commonly used.

This is why many people prefer made-to-measure items, as although other people may have similar items in their homes, you know for a fact that no one else has the exact same item as you do. Having unique pieces in your home can help foster emotional connections to the items you own, which will only improve the emotional response you get from your home’s decoration.

Spend Less Time Adjusting

As we’ve mentioned, one of the big problems with pre-made décor pieces like curtains, rugs, and furniture is that they’re rarely the right size for your room due to lack of uniformity across homes. This means that rather than just hanging your new curtains and calling them a day, you will have to spend time making adjustments until they’re the right size.

All of this time spent fiddling around making alterations to your products can easily be avoided though, by getting your product made to the correct size when you initially buy it. Just by buying made-to-measure items, you could save hours of your time that would otherwise be spent trimming down décor pieces.

After all this, we’re confident that you’ll see the numerous benefits and advantages of choosing to purchase made-to-measure items, rather than pre-made off-the-shelf items. Whether you make the choice out of a desire for sustainable living, for high-quality pieces or you just don’t fancy faffing about with a sewing kit making alterations, it’s clear that made-to-measure is the way to go for décor. 


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