Why Harry Kane Will Beat Alan Shearer’s Goal-Scoring Record

Beat Alan Shearer’s Goal-Scoring Record

When Alan Shearer retired, having scored 260 Premier League goals, most people thought that it would take a very, very long time for anyone to come close. Even Wayne Rooney, who began scoring at just 16 years of age, and who spent his career at uber-successful Manchester United, could only muster 208, impressive, but far from Shearer’s record. It is staggering then that Harry Kane, who didn’t start playing in the league until he was 21, looks set to be the one to break it. This season Kane surpassed Andrew Cole’s 187-goal haul, to become the third-highest scorer of all time. The jury is out as to whether Kane will beat 260, but we reckon he can do so comfortably. If you like a bet, head to Bet Station and back the Spurs man to do it, and here is why.

Age In Favor

Some suggest that Kane is almost over the hill, which is a crazy suggestion given that the Spurs and England man is just 28 years old. This gives the striker a potential 5 more years playing at the top of his game, and even a couple of years after that. Kane is the ultimate professional and looks after himself off the pitch. This gives him the best chance to play at a high level for many years to come. 

Big Move Gone

Although there is talk in Germany of Bayern Munich looking to snap Kane up in the summer, it is far more likely that he remains at Spurs, and in the Premier League, to see out his career. Ultimately Kane will know that he is playing in the best league on the planet, which certainly brings out the best in him. Even if Kane were to leave Spurs, you have to think that he would stay in England.

Smelling the Record

There is absolutely no doubt that Kane wants to reach this incredible record, and that may keep him in the Premier League for longer. In an ideal world, he will want to also win trophies with Tottenham, something that is much more possible now that they have serial winner Antonio Conte at the helm. This managerial move in fact could be the making of Kane, who will enjoy being mentored by someone as successful as the Italian.

 Simple Stats

Kane currently sits on 194 goals, just 66 shy of the record and 67 shy of breaking it. In order for Kane to do that, assuming he plays at least 4 more seasons in the PL, he’d have to score just under 17 goals per season. He has achieved this in almost all of the last 7 seasons, often scoring above that figure. This is exactly why Kane may in fact canter to this record, assuming he avoids any serious injury.

The extent of what Shearer could have scored if his pre-PL goals were counted, or if he’d avoided injury, is incredible. Thankfully for Kane however, that 260 tally is certainly achievable to become the highest scorer the PL has ever seen. 


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