Top 7 Reasons: Why ASP.Net Core is the Most Desirable Framework

ASP.Net core

ASP.Net core is famous for all the right reasons – It’s open source, cross-platform compatible, modern, cloud-enabled, has feature-rich developer tools, and so on. Based on the MVC (model, view, controller) architecture, it is widely used for the development of web app UIs and web APIs. 

Developed and backed by Microsoft, the framework is desired by many developers and businesses. Here, we will discuss the most significant reasons why one chooses ASP.Net core

If you are conflicted about whether to choose the framework for development or not, check out these reasons before you hire ASP.Net core developers.  

Why ASP.Net Core is so Popular? 

  • Open-source 

Most business units run on a strict budget and they want to minimize the development cost as much as possible. For them, working with open-source technologies are the best option out there. 

In fact, businesses without budget restrictions also choose to work with open-source technologies because of the flexibility it offers to users. For instance, the open-source code of the ASP.Net core framework is open for review, contribution, or modification. It is available to Github users and can be modified to one’s needs. 

Besides, Microsoft regularly updates the framework to fix various bugs and update the software. The latest stable version of ASP.Net core 6.0 was released in November 2021 with long-term support for 3 years. 

  • Cross-platform 

While the ASP.Net core framework is suitable to execute on Windows only, the software and applications built on it are cross-platform compatible. Such applications can run on Windows, Linux, macOS, and on other operating systems too. 

Business units can also leverage Microsoft’s Visual Studio IDE to code .Net core applications on any operating system. The software enables everyone to code using the framework effortlessly, making .Net core more easily accessible. 

The cross-platform feature also works well with the reusability factor. Developers can reuse the previously written codes for building another application, even on a different operating system. 

  • Exclusive features for high performance & coding ease 

ASP.Net app developers get to utilize various high-end features that the framework offers, such as –

  • Garbage collection. 
  • Package management. 
  • Multi-language support. 
  • Asynchronous coding. 
  • Automatic memory management. 
  • Restful APIs development. 
  • MVC architecture-based coding. 
  • Reusable components. 
  • Quick customization options. 

Such features enable ASP.Net web developers to create highly scalable, flexible, and secure web applications. Not only the app’s performance is improved, but it also leads to faster development cycles and coding ease. That’s one of the many reasons why many prefer the ASP.Net core framework

  • Simple coding 

The MVC architecture of ASP.Net core ensures seamless coding. The model, view, and controller pattern make it feasible for coders to build and test without any interference. The reusable codes further make it easy for developers to code with simplicity. 

  • Advanced developer tools 

ASP.Net core comes with a complete suite of developer tools that coders can use for development, testing, deployment, and implementation. Tools like Octopus, SQL, NCrunch, Nuget, Jetbrains, Resharper, etc. can improve and ease the development methods greatly. 

Besides these tools, developers also get to use one of the most widely used IDEs – Microsoft Visual Studio. It allows programmers to code ASP.Net core applications on any operating system with advanced features such as unit testing, debugging, profiling, GIT integration, auto code completion, etc. 

Such advanced tools make it much easier for developers to build applications on the ASP.Net framework. Businesses can further decrease their project turnaround time with such developer tools. 

  • Razor pages 

ASP.Net core framework can now be well utilized with razor pages that use file-based routing in place of MVC architecture. It is quite helpful in creating dynamic web applications with new-age technologies and engaging user interfaces. 

With razor pages, it becomes extremely easy to develop apps with advanced features as the coding framework isn’t complex. Also, it is easier to manage and organize the code of every page together in order. 

  • Flexible application deployment 

ASP.Net core offers flexible deployment options to businesses, like – 

  • Self-contained deployment – ASP.Net core libraries and runtime elements are separated in this type and the deployment is not based on any shared component. 
  • Framework-based deployment – This type of deployment can be helpful when you need to save memory on host systems. It depends on shared components and is useful for executing third-party dependencies and your developed apps. 

These are some of the most significant reasons why ASP.Net core is preferred and desired by most businesses and developers. While developers get to code with ease and have a wonderful premise to create engaging and high-quality applications, business units can create innovative solutions for customers. 

These reasons make ASP.Net core a very profitable and desirable development framework. But, the best software can be built only when you hire ASP.Net dynamic data developers. They can leverage these features to their best potential and create stellar experiences.


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