Why Are Psychological Issues More Prevalent in Today’s Generation?


Mental health is as important for the survival and well-being of an individual as physical health is; however, mental health is not considered significant in our society, even in today’s era. Psychological issues like depression, anxiety, OCD, bipolar disorder, etc. are some common issues that almost every other individual of today’s generation is facing. The younger generation is getting vulnerable to mental health problems and our society has to do something to curb this increasing ratio. Studies have shown that there has been a dramatic rise in cases of mental health problems, leading to suicide in young adults and children.

This article briefs you about the reasons why psychological issues are more prevalent in today’s generation.

Change in Parental Attitude

For children and young adults, the first nurturance center is their own home, where parents have to responsibly attend to their child’s needs. With the change in social structure, the parents have become much busy in their own lives and thus have started neglecting their children which results in mental instability of the child leading to psychological disorders like OCD.

OCD among children has been reported in abundance and the main cause is parental strictness, parental pressure, or neglecting behavior. OCD among children can be treated through the OCD Outpatient Treatment Program, but for this, parents have to be vigilant regarding their child’s changing behavior.

Social Pressure

The pressure of maintaining academics, career, and social life among today’s generation is much more visible than in the past. Peer pressure and the struggle to be the best in the materialistic race has increased to such an extent that young adults often find it difficult to cope with it and as a result end up with psychological issues like depression, severe anxiety, and most common drug addiction.

Drug addiction has hiked to an excessive level and most of the rehab centers have reported providing substance abuse treatment to a large number of young adults and teens.

Exposure to Media and the Internet

When children are exposed to information that isn’t of their mental capacity, they often deny accepting what they have seen or learned. This has happened in recent years when children have been overly exposed to media and the internet with different types and nature of the information that has become difficult for them to absorb. Sexual content, violent programs, an increase in channels showing substance abuse, etc. have made children fall prey to psychological disorders. Gender identity issues, sexual problems, and aggression are some familiar behavioral issues that the younger generation is facing.

Peer Pressure

Since the family system has been disoriented over the last few decades, and the ratio of divorce has increased; the lack of family unit has made children, teens, and young adults turn to their peers and friends for comfort. Loyal friends are hard to find, thus being in the wrong company can also be devastating and peer pressure can strain an individual which can result in psychological issues, like substance abuse, anxiety, violent behavior, etc. 

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