What Type of Kennels Should My Doggie Daycare Use?


While everyone enjoys going on holidays in their free time, they are different for dog owners since they have to ensure the safety of their fluffy friends before they start planning their trip details. Knowing how pet care works is essential to find the right facility to leave your pet where they can feel safe and cared for while you are busy or on vacation. Doggie daycares are facilities that have provisions like kennels that keep your pets comfortable and clean during this period. For optimum pet comfort, the daycare needs to have kennels that are resistant to waste products, insects, and harsh temperatures. Here are some of the top qualities to look for in the kennels of your potential doggie daycare.

Raised Kennels

Your pets are more at risk of getting soiled and in danger the more they are on the ground. Raised kennels take care of this issue by keeping the kennels at a certain height from the floor, making cleanliness and comfort possible. The raised design protects them against noise, absorbs shock, creates a space between your pet and their urine or feces, and provides added insulation, making it the perfect place for your dog to lounge while you temporarily step away from your pet-parenting duties.

Waste Collection Pans

Your doggie daycare should have kennels with stainless steel pans for waste collection. Stainless steel pans are less likely to allow the growth of fungi or bacteria in them compared to pans made from plastic or other non-sterile materials. Kennel waste pans are essential to ensure that your pets remain clean and free from potential sources of infection.

Secure Latches

Your doggie daycare is very likely to take care of multiple pets at the same time, meaning that there is a chance of them having their hands full at certain points. All kennels should, therefore, have secure latches that can be confidently locked to keep dogs safe in their kennels. Stainless steel kennels feature secure slam latches that can be locked without hesitation.

Rotating Bowl Feeders

All indoor dog kennels should have bowl feeders that allow quick changing of water and food for pets without opening their cages or removing them from the kennels. While it might seem like an insignificant quality in a kennel, it can have a remarkable impact on the quality of pet care at a doggie daycare facility. 

Stacked Kennels

Stacked kennels are one of the most popular types of kennels that allow multiple pets to be placed in cages on top of each other. These kennels provide a comfortable and familiar playing environment to pets and allow their carriers to keep an eye on multiple pets at a time, making sure each pet receives adequate care during their stay at the facility.


Doggie daycare facilities have multiple types of kennels to cater to different pet care needs, including raised, extreme, double-stacked, and guillotine-style pet kennels. Besides doggie daycare centers, these kennels can be of significant help to pet groomers, humane shelters, veterinary clinics, and animal rescue facilities. Stainless-raised kennels with rotatable bowl feeders, secure latches, and waste collection pans are essential to ensure optimum pet comfort and care.


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