What Are The Features That Make Moldavite More Elegant And Ambrosial


Moldavite is a powerful and magical gemstone celebrated for its unique ambrosial powers. Since ancient times, the crystal has been used to eliminate various kinds of negative energies and get rid of severe diseases. In addition, Moldavite crystals have the power to protect us from any mishappenings or evil things in our lives. Therefore, the crystal is also called the stone of transformative or a protective stone.

Moldavite is thought to have been created about 15 million years ago by a meteoroid activity in the Czech Republic. The meteoroid had broken into two parts that produced this pair of craters. The crystal comes in the hues of olive green to dark green and appears translucent to transparent in looking. It is rated between 5 to 5.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

People believe that Moldavite has come to Earth to help the planet rise above its present state. In addition, it is an enchanting stone that is used by those who want to amplify the vibrations of their other types of gemstones. These crystals embed some healing and metaphysical powers in themselves, which are as follows.

Healing and Metaphysical benefits of the Moldavite

Gemstones have received recognition for their super ambrosial powers of promoting healing advantages to their users. Thus Moldavites have also carried some distinctive properties that help its user physically, emotionally, and mentally. Here you can understand in brief about various healing properties of the Moldavite.

Emotional healing– Moldavite allows us to heal emotionally when the crystal is aligned with the heart and the third eye chakra. Wearing the crystal will allow you to open your heart to love others. In addition, it helps to reduce the problems of overthinking, depression, and mental disorders, if any. 

Physical healing- Wearing the Moldavite crystal helps in soothing every cell and balances all hormones significantly. In addition, it maintains blood circulation and the digestive system, boosts the immune system, and prepares the body to fight viruses and diseases. Moreover, it is also good for strengthening the body’s internal parts, healing the eyes, and solving gastric-related issues.

Mental healing – Moldavite plays a crucial role in our intellectual and emotional healing. One can exercise the crystal to enhance the IQ level and mind’s sharpness. It maintains confidence levels in adverse situations in life and gives the power to face them with dare and courage. In addition, the crystal promotes serenity, calmness, and a calm environment to its user.

Spiritual healing- Moldavite is a crystal that serves a spiritual community well and helps in awakening the inner capabilities and soul. It inspires people to get in touch with their past life lessons. Thus, you can hold a Moldavite Pendant to stay enthusiastic and energetic throughout the day, and it reduces fear and anger in its user’s life.


Money and wealth with Moldavite

Most people in business and leaders are worn the Moldavite ring to grow their business and protect the business from any losses and accidents. Its energies keep calm your worries and help solve Money’s problems.

Moldavite is also a good health and wealth provider crystal, as in this scenario, people are busy making money, they do not take proper care of their health and body. Wearing the crystal reminds them to spend time in health and happy activities.

Caring and cleaning tips for your Moldavite 

As mentioned above, the Moldavite rates from 5 to 5.5 on Mohs hardness level, and it is much needed a proper caring while cleaning or charging your crystal. While cleansing and charging your Moldavite jewelry, you should keep the following points in mind.

Water– you can use warm water, salt water, or rainwater to wash your crystal and wipe its surface with a clean and soft cotton cloth to protect it from any scratch.

Milk– you can also use milk to clean your crystal; it will allow your crystal to re-energize.

Moonlight– put your gemstone under the Moonlight during the full Moon; it will enhance the absorbing powers of the crystal.

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