Warcat Tactical IWB Holster

Warcat Tactical

The new Warcat Tactical IWB holster has all that you want in a cutting-edge CCW holster, with a hook, wedge, and optics-prepared choice from the get-go.

Warcat Tactical is the most up-to-date brand under the Tedder Industries holding organization, the proprietors of Alien Gear and Rapid Force. The organization is presenting itself with the Warcat Tactical holster, another IWB holster with highlights custom-made to the advanced disguised transporter. Planned and made in Post Falls, Idaho, the Warcat Tactical holster professes to be better, quicker, and more grounded than any of its rivals.

Current Features

For this reason, specific highlights that were recently viewed as extravagance versions on different holsters are currently remembered norm for the warcat.com Tactical IWB. The first of these is the “paw”, a discretionary gadget that projects off the side of the holster to assist with disguise.  Bending the handle of the gun nearer to the client diminishes printing and increments concealability. The second element that presently comes standard on the Warcat is the “wedge”, and basically, a delicate cushion makes conveying IWB more agreeable.

The Warcat Tactical can likewise be requested for one or the other left or right-hand draw as well similarly as with either a 1.5 or 1.75-inch belt cut. For viable gun fits, the Warcat can likewise be requested with an MRDS Hood. As opposed to a norm “optics pattern” in the holster, the MRDS Hood is exceptionally shaped to all the more likely to safeguard a miniature red speck and can make conveying one more agreeable as well.

Warcat Tactical RDS hood

Better Plastic:

Warcat Tactical holsters are made utilizing a sort of polymer that the organization claims isn’t just 20% lighter than their rivals’ holsters, yet additionally 40% harder and 80% more intensity safe. Being both lighter and more grounded are clear benefits, however, if it’s sufficiently hot to soften a typical holster you probably have more pressing issues to fight with.

Warcat strategic intensity safe:

The Warcat Tactical IWB holster is right now accessible for a few well-known convey models of Glock, S&W, Sig, and Springfield and each accompanies the organization’s “9-Lives Warranty”. The holsters are accessible now and have an impermanent, enthusiastic send-off cost of $17.76.

About Warcat Tactical:

Warcat Tactical is based completely in the United States and produces everything only from our office in Northern Idaho. Warcat Tactical is pleased to utilize military and policing, serious shooters, and gun lovers to guarantee that our mentality matches yours.


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