Want to feel the luxury of a 5 Star hotel in your house? Here is what you can do.

5 Star hotel in your house

Isn’t it satisfying to stay in a nice luxurious hotel? An opportunity like this makes us excited like a kid. Maybe it’s the plush sheets or the clean rooms. Or maybe the experience you get in their nice bathtub or mini bar makes staying in a hotel room exciting. Luxurious hotels have a vibe that makes them so comfortable. But you cannot live your entire life in a hotel room to enjoy this luxury and level of comfort. Right? Then why not bring this comfort, luxury, and vibe to your home?

Your home can also have soft-silk sheets, organized bathrooms, and more. All you need to do is make a few changes, and you can enjoy the magnificence of a hotel room at home every day. Ready for this exhilarating makeover? You will need to follow these tips.

Have high-quality linens and bed covers

One of the best qualities of a hotel is its luxurious bed. The hotel beds use crisp and clean white sheets. They are so smooth and cozy that you don’t feel like getting up. Also, they are comfortable to sleep on. You can enjoy this comfort and luxury at home by investing in premium linens and bedding. Your house will transform into a five-star retreat with the best quality sheets, covers, and linens. For this, buy bedding and covers that use premium fabrics, like Egyptian cotton or silk. They are comfortable and mesmerizing. It will enhance your night’s sleep tenfold.

Fluffy pillow & comforter

Adding on the above point, complete the look by adding a fluffy pillow and a quality comforter. It may seem like a massive investment, but these last long, and your sleep will be stress-free. Finally, if you love the feel of the hotel room you booked in Australia, get your hands on handcrafted homewares Australia. The beautiful linens, cushions, and more from Australia will convert your room into the hotel room you are missing.

Make your bathroom luxurious.

What is the selling point of any premium hotel? It’s their bathroom, which is clean, spacious, and organized. Some people go to luxury hotels just to enjoy a relaxing bath in their spacious bathrooms. With a few changes, your bathroom can become that relaxing oasis. For this:

  • Declutter your bathroom. Don’t add unnecessary things, like too many products.
  • Add soft lights to your bathroom and bathtub if the space allows.
  • Add light music and light up some scented candles whenever you take a bath or shower. It will make it better for relaxing.
  • Get a deep cleaning done, and add fluffy towels, rugs, or indulgent bath products if you wish.

A plush, fancy, and cozy robe

Alone in a hotel room, you enjoy doing your work and even eating while wearing the robe. Thus, to experience the feeling of being in a prestigious hotel at home, get a plush, cozy, and fancy robe. Buy a robe that is easy to dry and soaks up water quickly. It should be soft but also functional to allow you to move and work while wearing it.

Use the best bath amenities.

Don’t have a bathtub? No problem! Though they help you better experience the effects of a luxurious bathroom, you can do without them. All you need are indulgent and fancy bath products that most hotels use. Make sure you have a basket of these or the products you love to use in the bathroom setup, just like the hotel would. Then, it’s time to start pampering yourself in your luxurious bathroom.

Add beautiful flowers to your room.

You will notice that every big hotel adds fresh flowers to their guest’s rooms. Want to add the same feel to your house, especially your bedroom? Then, add fresh flowers to the mix. For example, you can use cherry floral blooms, which most high-end hotels use.


Hotels use warm lights to set an inviting ambiance. Therefore, the light fixtures are imperative to make a hotel room feel comfortable and appealing. You can use a similar light fixture in your house. For instance, add a dimmer in your room/living room to change the light setting according to the time and occasion.

With these simple changes, you can enjoy the feel of a luxurious hotel in your home only. These also enhance your bedroom to give you a comfortable night’s sleep.


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