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Today, walking canes are some of the most effective mobility aid devices available to young and aged people. These devices are available in different types, with each of them having its strengths and weaknesses.

As with other mobility aid products available out there, canes aren’t for everybody. Before going ahead to shop for the right product on MoovKart, you need to first confirm and be sure you need a walking cane. Read on to discover a few tips on how to choose the right walking canes and accessories when next you go shopping.

Factors that influence the choice of right walking canes

  1. Should you buy a walking cane?

This question is important and you need an answer to it before going ahead to shop for the best products.

As earlier mentioned, walking canes aren’t designed for everyone. You should only consider one or more of these products, if:

  • You’re just recovering from a stroke or surgery on one side of your leg.
  • You have an injury to one side of your body, such as your leg.
  • A walking cane is also ideal for you if you’re suffering from back pains or arthritis in your hips or ankles.

You certainly don’t need a cane if you’re suffering from any major balance issues. Instead, you can go for suitable wheelchairs or walkers for seniors, depending on how serious the problem is.

2. The type of cane

Once you’re sure buying a walking cane is certainly for you, the next thing you need is to check for the different cane options.

  • Single tip canes

Today, walking canes are available in different types. The standard type is any came with a single tip. You should only opt for this product if you’re only experiencing a minor issue.

  • Quad canes

Quad canes are more effective than single-tip canes. If you notice that your single-tip product is not effective to provide better support for you, then you should consider shopping for Quad walking canes on MoovKart. This option is also ideal if you’re just recovering from a stroke.

  • Folding walking canes

Folding walking canes are easy to store when traveling from one location to another. The ease of carrying these devices makes them the perfect option for travelers. This Folding Blind Cane 42-inch is one of the best products you can consider on MoovKart. Apart from being affordable, it also comes with high-quality aluminum construction for long-lasting use. L

3. Type of handle

Another thing you might want to check for when shopping for the best walking cane is the handle. It’s simple; just make sure you go for a product that provides you with a comfortable grip.

  • Walking canes with an ergonomic handle are perfect, as they help to eliminate hand fatigue and reduce shock.
  • You should consider a product with a derby handle if you’re currently suffering from arthritis. The right product will provide you with ease and comfort to grip the cane as you walk around.
  • Round cane handles have been around for many years. However, they might not be the best option for you if you’re looking to achieve a comfortable grip.

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