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It is vital to learn about visa rules, if you plan to invest in a country’s real estate. There are some changes coming over to the Emirates, that you should better be aware of. Of course, any luxury real estate agency in Dubai, UAE, can consult you on the matter, so that you would be able to come and visit your property any time you want.

Visa changes in the UAE from 1 September 2022

In the UAE, by decision of the government, visa changes have come into force from September 1, 2022. As part of the reform, announced back in April 2022, tourists will be issued new entry documents that grant the right to visit the Emirates without the participation of a sponsor or inviting party.

The new entry permits are going to reportedly make it easier for most foreign tourists, including property owners, students and job seekers, to visit the country. 

  • According to official data, the validity of a tourist visa is being extended from 30 to 60 days. 
  • At the same time, the provision of tourist multi-visas for a period of 5 years allows foreign citizens to stay in the UAE during 180 days a year or 90 days continuously.

In addition, graduates of 500 world-renowned educational institutions and skilled professionals will be granted new entry papers for employment purposes. Also, investors and businessmen will be granted new business visas or entry permits without the involvement of a sponsor or inviting party.

At the same time, UAE residents will be able to obtain an entry permit for their foreign guests, and foreign students will be granted an entry paper for the purpose of studying or doing an internship in the UAE if they have a letter from the inviting party. In addition, it will be granted to foreigners coming to the UAE during an employment contract or project work with a letter explaining the purpose of the visit.

Citizenship rules for foreigners and owners of real estate in Dubai

In the Emirates, by decision of the government, amendments to the law on granting UAE citizenship to foreign citizens, including investors, qualified professionals and their families, have been approved in order to attract talented people to the country.

Under the new law, the right to obtain UAE citizenship is granted to investors, doctors, professionals, scientists, creative professionals and artists, including family members of the listed individuals. It is reported that the courts of rulers and crown princes, as well as the executive councils in the emirates and the government, will nominate candidates for UAE citizenship.

  • You should be aware that in order to obtain UAE citizenship, investors need to own real estate in the Emirates, e.g. in Dubai, and a company. 
  • Meanwhile, doctors must be unique specialists in one of the fields of medicine and have research and 10-year experience in their field and be a member of a specialized authoritative organization.
  • Scientists must have 10 years of experience in their field and hold prestigious scientific awards and grants, and submit a letter of recommendation from UAE scientific institutions when applying for citizenship. 
  • Creative workers in order to obtain UAE citizenship need to be winners of international competitions and have one or more awards in the field of culture and art, as well as provide a letter of recommendation from the relevant authorities.

Benefits for golden visa holders in Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, by decision of the management of the Office of Residents, which is a division of the Department of Economic Development of the emirate, holders of “golden” visas are provided with special benefits, namely discounts on the purchase of a car and other property, on banking and medical facilities, hotel accommodation, when applying for medical insurance and so on.

This decision was made in order to accelerate the process of assimilation of holders of “golden” visas into the business environment of Abu Dhabi and attract foreign investors for the further development of the emirate’s economy. Also, the authorities of the emirate plan to create comfortable conditions for holders of golden visas to live, do business and invest.

It is assumed that in the presence of “golden” visas, foreign investors will remain to live in the UAE. It is worth recalling that in Abu Dhabi a “golden” visa for a period of 5 or 10 years can be obtained by doctors, scientists, innovators, talented athletes and people of creativity. In addition, the golden visa is granted to companies, start-ups and real estate investors.

Also, long-term visas can be obtained by talented graduates of higher educational institutions and schools, including members of their families. It is noted that at the moment, holders of “golden” visas are given a discount when buying property from the main developer of the emirate.

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