Vacation: Tips on having a memorable time away from work in Nigeria


After days, months, or years of intense work, no matter the nature of your job, a remarkable time out is of utmost importance, especially for the physical and mental well-being of the worker.

However, vacation trips are of different types. Journeys made for relaxing are subject to the traveler’s taste, from short-distance to long-distance vacation trips, short-term to long-term trips, etc. The only common aspect of every vacation trip is that it is made solely to have a great time of unending fun alone or with family members.

The vacation period must be incredibly fascinating, and you must be able to look back at the days you were away from work and be grinning upon recalling several memories you must’ve made.

Preparation for the Vacation

This is one of the most important steps to take to guarantee a special time away from work and all the stress attached to the job you handle. Having a fun-filled vacation in amazing cities all over the world can be hindered by hitches in the preparation process of the proposed trip. 

The preparation of a vacation trip to fun cities like Lagos, for instance, would require proper planning to guarantee your health and physical and mental safety. Also, to ensure the vacation serves its initial purpose – providing an avenue for your mental and physical rejuvenation while simultaneously providing fun-filled recreational facilities for your use.

Planning a vacation typically begins with researching the destination and the best place to lodge you’ve finally arrived. Unfortunately, this core process is stressful, risky, and time-wasting as you might spend the whole holiday divided into a hotel, Airbnb, or vacation rental facilities.

Our solution for you

Thankfully, the process of choosing the right lodging facility has been made easier for you. You now have access to a range of comfort facilities necessary for vacation trips like five-star hotels, well-furnished flats available for rent, short-stay apartments, etc., all on the number one platform for vacation rental homes in Victoria Island, Lagos State

At, we present you with a range of lodging facilities available in Nigeria that suits your taste at very affordable prices. Book your perfect Airbnb, short-stay apartments, vacation rentals including apartments, flats, serviced homes in your destination city, and many more from the convenience of your home.

I have already booked a place to stay, so what do I do when I get there?

If you have picked your ideal flat, apartment, or whatever the case may be, you are surely in for a cracking experience during the period of your vacation. 

No one needs a lecture on how to live their lives, right? So just go out there and fulfill the purpose of your vacation. Simply put, HAVE FUN! Take your mind off work and other job-related issues, and be sure to make the most of your stay. 

Make it your new job to explore your new short-stay homes in Victoria Island, Lagos State and all its surroundings. We wish you a memorable experience on your next vacation.

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