Useful tips for people who care for senior relatives on their own

senior relatives

A person in old age has his own characteristics that need to be taken into account by the one who cares for him. As we age, our physical condition, psychology, and lifestyle change. In this article, we will consider why in-home care in Nassau County can be a good choice for people who have to take care of senior relatives.

Things to pay attention to while caring for seniors

Immunity, hearing, and vision worsen with age, and mental health problems may arise: memory lapses, mood swings, depression, etc. A senior person with poor health needs a comfortable and healthy environment and regular and competent care. He needs suitable medical, social, and living conditions for living.

  1. Comprehensive strengthening of immunity. It is necessary to provide proper nutrition, physical education, procedures, and medical examinations.

2. Friendly communication. Friendliness, sincerity, kindness, caring, helping, addressing by name – every senior person needs this. Relatives need to communicate regularly with the seniors so that they feel needed and loved. Old people often suffer from loneliness, they have bad moods, feelings of isolation, and depressive states.

3. Be sensitive to age differences. A person may have problems with memory, he begins to hear poorly, and his behavior changes not for the better. You need to learn to perceive this as a consequence of age and behave correctly in such situations.

4. Support for the interests of seniors. It is necessary to bring them books by favorite authors, and newspapers, and go with them to the theater and exhibitions.

5. Creation of suitable living conditions. A person needs comfortable housing with a safe environment, comfort, and silence for relaxation. It is important to bear in mind that in old age, many suffer from mental disorders, due to which they become disoriented in space, and perceive the environment distortedly. Because of this, they can harm themselves even at home, for example, by taking the wrong pills and leaving the gas open. It is important to take into account all potentially dangerous moments and eliminate them.

6. Proper nutrition. Seniors need a balanced combination of carbohydrates, fats, and salt. Vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, compotes, juices, and water are useful for them. They may also be given a special diet.

7. Compliance with personal hygiene. In old age, people can become sloppy, and indifferent to their appearance. If a person has difficulties with hygiene, he needs help and supervision from the outside, so that he again learns to take care of himself regularly.

Recommendations for caregivers

Caring for the seniors is not an easy task, as it is daily, sometimes hard, and routine work. Over time, psychological discomfort arises: the assistant gets tired, and the senior becomes attached to him and falls into dependence. Everyone gets sick. In order to prevent such a development of events, they must be warned from the very beginning.

How to treat a senior

If an 80-year-old person thinks sensibly and walks independently, this is a big plus. The development of dementia and broken bones can cause additional difficulties, so this should be avoided. Let’s consider how you can avoid additional problems.

  1. Maintain the mobility of a senior and his ability to self-service. A person needs to move, do exercises in the morning, walk, and strengthen his muscles and bones.
  2. Seniors may experience bruises and fractures due to falls. For prevention, you need to create a comfortable and safe home: remove interfering furniture from passageways, and level the floors. Seniors are advised to walk only during the daytime in familiar places to avoid falls on the street due to poor eyesight. It is also necessary to provide a convenient and safe toilet at night.
  3. To maintain sanity, offer senior mental and creative activities: reading books, solving crossword puzzles, knitting, drawing, board games, etc. Senior people must communicate with relatives and friends.
  4. Ensure the safety of the seniors. Even if the caregiver lives with the old person, he will not always be there. In moments of loneliness, the seniors must be protected. Set up a fire alarm in case the person forgets to turn off the stove, make sure they always have their cell phone handy, etc.

Tips for caregivers

The daily work of caring for seniors can become burdensome for a helper who no longer has enough energy and time for his own life. Caregivers of seniors, like people in other social professions, experience natural burnout over time, as their work requires a lot of energy.

Burnout can be recognized by the feelings experienced by the helper. It all starts with enthusiasm, the fullness of strength, and a desire to help, over time, fatigue and irritation come, which flow into anger and bitterness. This is possible if most of the physical and mental strength, time, and resources are spent on the senior, and the person has little left for his life. To prevent this, the assistant needs to follow these recommendations:

  1. Lead a healthy lifestyle. Sleep well, eat well, and rest. Maintain your healthy physical condition.
  2. Have your own free time. To do this, distribute the time and responsibilities for caring for the senior. If you have a family, ask relatives for help. If you are alone, connect social services – there are those that help inexpensively or for free.
  3. Do what you love in life. Reading your favorite books, watching movies, chatting with friends, pursuing hobbies, etc. This is an important emotional feed that the caregiver needs.
  4. If the assistant lives with the senior, he needs to rest away from this house. Find time for walks and pastimes outside the walls of the common housing.
  5. Do not do for the senior what he can do. This is useful both for the old person and the assistant himself. The senior feels his control and independence, which are so important for him, especially in old age, and the assistant does not take on unnecessary burdens. As long as he can, let him do it himself.

Final thoughts

Caring for an old or sick person is very hard work. Even with a sincere desire to help a loved one, one may encounter such difficulties as burnout, inability to provide a person with the necessary security, etc. To avoid this, you can entrust the care of relatives to professionals. Galaxy Home Care is a reliable company to get assistance with in-home care in Nassau County. The company offers quality services and support to senior people and people recovering from surgery or an illness.

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