The summer season finally started, and everyone was wild. Spring was all about mini skirts and cut-outs, and while those made an appearance this summer, there are also other trends you should try out.

If you plan on staying up to date with all the new trends for mid of 2022, continue to get a quick peek at the top ones you should know!

Coastal Grandmother

The aesthetic of Coastal Grandmother become massive on TikTok this spring. But did you know this trend actually flourishes during the summer? This style was made for people who live at the beach—or wish they did- from airy shirts to bucket hats.

Low-Rise Pants

Low-rise pants certainly aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. However, if you are comfortable wearing them, then go for it! We have seen Bella Hadid nailing this trend for quite some time now. Feel free to visit her Instagram page for a few style inspirations.

Baggy Jeans

Cute and comfy, baggy jeans are trending! This pair of jeans is not only for staying at home and rolling on your couch but is one of the major festival fashion trends this mid of 2022. You can shop for the perfect pair of jeans with Vibe Clothing Company.

Bring all the tops you have and try to make various outfit pairings. You will see that it doesn’t matter what you wear, it all looks great with a pair of jeans.

If you are tired of denim, many shops also provide the same styles in other colors and fabrics. Cargo trousers perhaps—you will have lots of pockets.


Tinted sunglasses like the Retro Gucci Sunglasses are another vibrant trend taking over this mid of 2022. It is a look with a range—from subtle to super saturated—to suit any taste or mood.

For instance, a blue-tinted gradient or honey yellow lens is more enjoyable than blue or grey.

Micro Bags

Micro bags are undoubtedly our favorite bag style this period. Although there is not a lot of space to hold your stuff, it is such a cute style that we do not even mind.

Mix Colors

Have you ever wondered what are the color trends this year? Pink, yellow, green, orange, blue… they all are.

Do not be frightened and begin mixing bright colors. Why not a pink top with a green suit set? Or perhaps go shopping, purchase a vibrant blazer, and pair it with different dresses in your wardrobe.

The new, colorful trend provides many opportunities to use those dresses, crop tops, and all clothing you thought you would never use again. The coolest part here is you can purchase new things without thinking too much about how you’ll match them.


Whether it’s a crocheted piece of clothing, purse, or hat, expect to see this trend all summer. Everyone loves the textured look it features and the fact that it could take a basic outfit from a drab to fab.

So, which of these mid-2022 fashion trends would you like to try?


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