Top employee recognition award ideas


It’s always a good idea to recognize the reliability and ingenuity of the people that work for your company. Who doesn’t respond well to a pat on the back? You should give out awards to your workers from time to time. Doing so will give them and others a solid incentive to keep giving their best to make you money.

You Can Give Out Long Service Awards

There are a wide variety of occasions for which you can choose to hand out a series of award plaques. One of the best will be to reward an employee for their many years of service. When your worker hits an anniversary, such as 5, 10, 15, or 20 years, they need to get a pat on the back. Giving them an award lets them know that you value them.

Hand Out a “Living By Our Values” Award

Another great occasion for handing out an award may be to shine the spotlight on an employee whose conduct lives up to company values. This may be someone who consistently delivers high-quality work while helping others to do so as well. They are exactly the kind of worker that deserves an award for their service.

Give an Award for Great Employee Coaching

Employee recognition is a concept that is more crucial than ever. One of the best times to give an award to a worker is when you see them helping others. A good coach is very hard to find. This is exactly the kind of person who deserves to be commended for their service. It can inspire them to do even more good work.

Employee Safety Awards Are an Absolute Must

It will be up to you to do all that you can to give your company a culture that is reliable, efficient, and safe. Workers who do all that they can to ensure safe conditions at your company deserve to be commended. Giving them an award lets them and others know that you are committed to providing a safe workplace.

Give Out Awards to Good Team Players

You should go out of your way to recognize and commend workers who are known as good team players. These are the people who work best in a closely-knit group of team members. Their conduct in holding the team together and helping them to produce excellent results should be recognized and awarded by your company.

Hand Out Awards for Excellent Customer Service

Keeping the customer happy is a crucial part of your business operations. It’s a good idea to give out special recognition to those workers that can do this on a day-to-day basis. Customer service awards will let your workers know that you appreciate all that they do. It will encourage them to keep up their good work.

Make Sure to Award Consistent Success Drivers

There is bound to be a small group of workers who are the ones most likely to drive your success to an even higher level. These are the ones who help you to build up reliable customer and partner bases.

Your most valuable employees are the ones who can establish connections that are key to the growth of your company. It’s a very good idea to reward them from time to time.

You Should Recognize Your Employees at Retirement

The final type of award to consider is one for a worker that has reached the age of retirement. This is an employee that may have given you many long decades of faithful service. The very least they deserve is a nice sendoff ceremony and a plaque that recognizes their achievements. This is an essential move to make.

It’s Time to Hand Out the Awards

You can set aside a special time of the year to hand out awards to your workers. You can also choose to do so on a case-by-case basis. For example, if a long-time employee is retiring, you can make a special occasion of it. Giving out these rewards is a great way for you to enhance the culture of your company.


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