Top 5 Trending sunglasses for 2023


Are you excited about your next adventure? Have you found the perfect pair of sunglasses to travel with?

Sunglasses help protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays, unwanted glare, dust, and wind. For all these reasons, it is essential to know how to choose the right pair of sunglasses to use while travelling.

So we’ve put together 4 top sunglasses picks that you’ll love. You’ll browse through classic brands and trendy styles. All of which provide quality eye protection from the sun.

Transparent frames with Ray-Ban

If you love strolling down small allies and discovering new spots on a sunny day, you’ll need a trendy pair of sunnies. So why not try a pair of Ray-Bans in a transparent square frame? The transparent frame is a great way to match your sunglasses effortlessly with any outfit.

With Ray-Ban, you’ll find many classic frame designs with clear or translucent colourful frames to stand out. Ray-Ban sunglasses have quality UV protection, so look trendy and protect your eyes in any city worldwide.

Look stylish and help the planet

You’ll love the Arise Collective collection by SmartBuyGlasses! They have a range of trendy and practical sunglasses that give back to the planet. Find classic and modern designs with polarized or mirrored lenses for women and men.

Whether you’re looking for festival frames or a good travel companion, the Arise Collective collection has it all!

A chic look with Prada

Manufactured by the famous brand Prada, this model marks an important first for the brand, bringing to life its passion for sunglasses as a fashion accessory. These glasses with a plastic frame and a square shape have become essential on the catwalks, beaches, and big cities. Spice up any look with these unique sunglasses.

Classic with pilot sunglasses

Who doesn’t like a classic frame style like pilot sunglasses for their next adventure? Pilot frames can be teardrop, round or even square in various materials and colour lenses for the whole family to enjoy. Many brands offer the latest pilot designs for any face shape.

Whether you want to splurge on a designer pair or find trendy affordable pilot frames, you can find a great pair of prescription sunglasses to take while travelling.

Stylish & Affordable

If you prefer spending all your money travelling and looking for an affordable pair of sunglasses, you’re in luck!

Check out the SmarBuy collection for a range of sunglasses that will turn heads around and not burn a hole in your pocket. You can explore frames by virtually trying them on before you buy them! Find your favourite frame, try them on and get your new pair of sunglasses delivered to your door.

To conclude

It’s time to stock up on stylish and practical sunglasses to travel the world with. You can find chic sunglasses for city trips or practical sunglasses to take hiking with you. And if you’re short on time, try shopping online with SmartBuyGlasses. Whether you’re looking for designer brands or cheap glasses yet quality sunglasses, you’ll find the right pair for you.


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