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So, you’ve heard from a couple of people that Breckenridge is one of the best places to visit in Colorado. Now, you’re curious to understand the reasons for this claim. The first thing you need to understand about Breckenridge is that it’s a municipal town located in Summit County In Colorado. For business trips, luxury car service is the best option for you.

But what exactly will happen after your business meeting? Are there beautiful places you can visit in Breckenridge before returning to Denver? Why should you choose MayFlower Limo as your go-to luxury car service provider for this trip? You’ll get the right answers to these Breckenridge-related questions as you read further.

Top 5 things to do when you visit Breckenridge

1. Visit the main street

Are you through with your business meeting in Breckenridge and wondering what next to do before you return home? The good news is that Breckenridge is one of the top tourist destinations in Colorado. And since that’s the case, you can visit a lot of places while you’re still in the town.

Before getting a Denver luxury car service back home, you can visit the main street in the town. In case you don’t know, Breckenridge used to be a mining town in Colorado. Today, however, many people see the town as the United States’ most popular ski resort. By walking down the main street of Breckenridge, you’ll discover a lot of historical old buildings, stores, bars, and restaurants. These buildings will remind you of the time when Breckenridge was still a mining town in Colorado.

2. Ski Resort 

As earlier mentioned, Breckenridge is no longer a mining town. Instead, it’s now one of the most popular ski resorts in the United States. Before going back home with your Denver airport transportation service provider, you can visit the town’s resort, which is located west of the Continental Divide.

Breckenridge resort is certainly worth visiting today. During the summer months, you can always explore the mountains by performing various interesting activities that allow you to enjoy the beautiful environment. You can also enjoy a bird’s eye view of Colorado’s popular 14ers. You’ll only get to see three of the 14ers though. That’s not all; you can also hike through the popular Alpine Loop hiking trail to explore the beautiful environment and learn more about the history of Breckenridge.

3. Breckenridge distillery

Another place you can visit before going home with your luxury car service provider is Breckenridge distillery. This place, founded in 2008, is currently the world’s highest distillery. 

At the Breckenridge distillery, you’ll see how various whiskeys are produced. Two popular whiskeys you’ll come across are blended bourbon whiskey and a high-rye mash American-style whiskey. You’ll also get to taste the distillery’s bourbon whiskey and vodka.

4. Boreas Pass

The fourth place you can visit before returning home with your Denver airport transportation service provider is Boreas Pass. Initially (between 1872 and 1938), this place was the highest narrow-gauge railroad in the country. However, after WWII, the train track was converted into a car-friendly road. By driving through Boreas pass, you’ll get to enjoy the environment as it’s a scenic drive from Breckenridge.

5. Breckenridge Carter Park

The Breckenridge Carter Park is very popular as it hosts a lot of events and gatherings. In this location, you’ll get to see a shedding hill, which is free for everybody. The hill is divided by a fence. This makes it possible for it to create sled-down and walk-up areas.

Find a Breckenridge luxury car service provider

Now, you know the 5 major things to do after your business meeting in Breckenridge. You can start preparing for the trip by finding the best luxury car service provider in Breckenridge. MayFlower can surely deliver you the best services at affordable prices. Interestingly, this company has a team of professional chauffeurs.

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