Top 5 AI and Machine Learning Courses Online

Machine Learning Courses Online

Artificial intelligence is essential to our species’ survival. As of late, AI has found its way into just about every area of our mobile and online lives. In addition to registering and validating your identification while making purchases, they can also be used to open doors via facial recognition technology and, more recently, to create unique avatars in video games and other contexts based on your likeness. Thanks to AI, we can accomplish all of this and more.

  • “AI for Everyone” by Andrew Ng (Coursera)

Andrew Ng, a forefather of artificial intelligence and machine learning, has influenced numerous programmers, thanks to his now-classic lectures on the subject.

Moreover, he is the world’s most renowned Machine Learning professor, a co-founder of Coursera, the head of Google Brain, and Chief Scientist at Baidu, and provides the best AI And Ml Courses For Beginners in Pune

Students will learn the basics of AI in this introductory course, covering topics such as defining AI and defining some of the most commonly used words in the field. It’s an excellent method for expanding one’s vocabulary in preparation for engaging in intelligent conversation about artificial intelligence (AI) with other programmers and laypeople.

  • How to Make an AI: A Step-by-Step ManualTM (Udemy)

Data Science, ML, and DL are the three pillars of modern artificial intelligence. This course will teach you how to utilise them to create cutting-edge AI for real-world applications like creating video game bots like Breakout and Doom or the logic behind driverless vehicles.

Those unfamiliar with AI can benefit significantly from this top-notch Udemy course.

  • A Newbie’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Unity.

Another Udemy course is down and much better equipped to tackle the topic of AI in video games. Perhaps surprisingly, Unity, one of the most popular game engines, uses AI to alter the game’s difficulty based on the player’s skill level.

This course is for you if you’re a game designer or developer who has ever felt their NPCs lacked drive and ambition.

  • Primer on Artificial Intelligence, offered by Coursera

Taking advantage of Coursera to learn more about AI is a terrific idea. In this introductory course, you will learn the definition of AI, some real-world applications, key ideas and terminology (including machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks), and how to use these tools.

Experts in the field will speak about the best ways to study AI and begin a career in the area. Attendees will have the chance to ask questions regarding topics including AI ethics and bias and employment opportunities.

  • Corporate Profitability Through the Use of Artificial Intelligence

Under Kirill Eremenko’s direction, the SuperDataScience Team has produced yet another excellent course on using AI to solve critical business problems. If you work in business or are just curious about how AI is being used today, this course is for you.


This essay presents the complex topic of artificial intelligence and machine learning without getting too bogged down in the weeds. Any business professional interested in enhancing their skill set and contributing more effectively to their company’s adoption of AI would benefit significantly from this course. There are several AI And Ml Courses In Delhi.


AI is rapidly taking over the world. Its innovations are already being used in entertainment and DIY home repair. Drones and connected vehicles are already in the deployment testing phase. The moment to learn this remarkable ability and plunge headfirst into the revolution is now. The revolutionary technology that catapults humanity into the future can be developed by you directly.



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