Top 5 Advantages of the Random Password Generator

Random Password Generator

Are you looking to maximise the security of your online accounts? Does the fear of your private accounts getting hacked keep you up at night? Then worry no further.

Undoubtedly, internet users are the target of hackers and scammers. Therefore keeping your finances secure, especially if you own an online bank account, can get tricky. However, tools like random password generator will provide much-needed security to your essential IDs.

It will generate top-notch, secure, and stable passwords that are not hackable for the user’s accounts. So, keep reading to get adequate knowledge about this magical tool.

What is a Random Password Generator?

A random password generator is a free, web-based tool that generates many random passwords. It also provides the users unhackable and secure PINs that can be long and short, according to user preferences.

Every account on the internet faces a security threat in one way or the other. Whether you log in to random websites or come across hackers, your private accounts are just a step away from being hacked.

The best privacy option in this regard is to put in a secure password; this is precisely where the password generator will come in handy. Head to the next heading to know more.

How to Use the Random Password Generator?

Using the random password generator is as easy as counting one, two, and three. Even if you are using a random password generator for the first time, you will be able to generate your password without hassle.

To use the random password generator tool, follow these steps:

  • Open the password-generator.php website using your web browser
  • The password generator will launch. Tick the settings according to your preferences
  • For example, you can tick the ‘use lowercase letters, ‘use digits,’ ‘use basic symbols,’ ‘skip similar looking characters, and ‘equal character set probability’ buttons to generate a good and stable PIN
  • While you are ticking the options boxes, the password will generate and keep on changing while you untick/ tick different choices
  • You can copy the password by tapping on the copy button or generate a new one by clicking the ‘re-generate’ button
  • Users can also select the length of the password between 6 to 50 characters and create several passwords by putting in the number
  • An example of a password made by the random password generator is ‘V58MK9s7#u.4+jwBfz’

Top 5 Advantages of Using the Random Password Generator

The random password generator will help you create many passwords that are secure yet memorable. However, remember that having the same password for all the accounts can increase the risk of your account getting hacked.

Here are a few more benefits you will get if you start using the random password generator:

1)   Password Security

While setting up passwords, most users try to keep it straightforward. Plus, they tend to include their personal information like birth dates, age, and birth year in the password. But unfortunately, that puts the account security at risk.

The random password generator does not include the user’s personal information in the pin. Additionally, it incorporates different characters and symbols to further generate secure passwords.

2)   Free tool

The best part of the random password generator is that it is a free tool. Users do not need to get its subscription or pay money to generate new passwords. Instead, open the DNS checker website, go to the random password generator web page, and start.

3)   Generate Unique Passwords with Different Characters

When setting up a new PIN for your accounts, it does get confusing to pick a different one for each ID. Therefore, most users end up keeping one password for all their accounts. This practice, though simple, can put your accounts at a security risk.

The random password generator can make new and different passwords for different sites without hassle. The other accounts will remain secure even if one gets hacked. Lastly, the random password generator is popular because it doesn’t just use simple alphabets for passwords that one can easily guess.

The tool includes symbols, digits, unique characters, and upper/lower case alphabets to ensure that no one other than the owner can guess the passwords.

4)   Memorization

Suppose you put in different passwords for all your accounts. Unfortunately, memorizing each password is not always possible. However, the random password generator will help users in this regard. Just generate several passwords and copy-paste them onto online notes.

The PINS will remain secure, and you can use them whenever required.

5)   No storing passwords

A random password generator is a trustable tool. Therefore, it won’t store the generated passwords. Instead, the passwords will remain limited to the user’s browsers, further increasing user security and privacy.

Also, the tool won’t share the passwords with any servers.


Now that you know what a random password generator is, doesn’t using it seem like a good idea? Your account information will be immovable, and you can keep tabs on all your passwords. Furthermore, you can paste the PINs on online notetakers to keep them secure.







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