Top 3 Tips to Provide Security to Your Customers Online


If you are an entrepreneur, you know how hard it can be to earn a customer’s confidence. It can be a little challenging, especially when you have to compete with hundreds of opponents. It’s important to make your customers feel that they are important and that you are genuinely invested in the product, service, or treatment they are receiving.

The advance of new technologies and the easy access to a connection have given birth to new ways of doing business and working; online marketplaces and remote work are becoming more important every single day. As an entrepreneur today, it’s extremely likely that you have a website or online store and have tried and failed to get customers to trust your brand. However, even when it can be difficult in some cases, there are many things you can do to provide security to your customers online, and as a consequence, earn their trust in you and your business. Here below you will find three tips to keep online interactions secure.

Use a Firewall

An excellent way to bring confidence to your customers is to implement a firewall in your online store. Most online stores handle sensitive information of their clients, such as personal data or their credit card numbers. A hacked website can be catastrophic, which is why using a web application firewall is a good idea to protect your site. There are many types of firewalls you can use.

You also could hire an online company that offers penetration testing services; if you have never heard about that, penetration testing services are designed to identify system vulnerability simulating real-world attacks.

Limit the Access

Penetration testing services are helpful in identifying any potential external vulnerabilities of your site, but it is not enough to secure your site from an internal hack. The more people who have access to your system, the more likely it is that someone will hack you; to avoid that kind of issue you must manage site access, assigning tiers of access and only for absolutely necessary personnel.

Keep a Backup of Your Website

If a firewall, penetration testing services, and access management have not been enough to prevent a cyber-attack and your site has still been hacked, the best way to fix it is to restore the last backup made prior to the attack. That’s why regular backups are very important. The more frequently the better; it could even be several times a day. It’s also important to back up on the server where your site is hosted, and offsite with local copies. By doing that you can bring extra protection to your online customers, even in the case of a cyber-attack.

Hire a Webmaster

Finally, it is important to hire a reputable and reliable hosting provider, as well as a good webmaster. By doing this and following the previous tips, you will not have to worry about security and you will be able to transmit that confidence to your clients while you position yourself at the head among your competitors.


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