Things you can do to take care of your parents when you live far away.


It is challenging to care for an elderly parent from far away. Due to multiple reasons, children have to live away from their parents. Whether it’s an hour’s drive or three hundred miles away, the guilt of living far and not caring about every need of their parents hurts most children. 

Thinking, do you do enough? Do you call them enough? Rest assured, you are doing enough, and reading this article to become a better caregiver shows this. Read the following tips to provide the best care to your elderly parents.

Use technology to be near them & give them care.

Technological advancement now lets you supervise your parents in their aging days. It can help you manage the hired help for your parents. You can assure them that they have everything they need with them. Here are a few ways to use technology to help your parents.

  • Book Appointment

You can book a monthly appointment for your parents using the app/ website the physician uses. You can even have a virtual appointment in which you can be a part. It will allow you to know everything your parents may miss telling you.

  • Buy medicines online

Nowadays, you don’t have to worry about your parents going to a medical pharmacy to get their medicines. Instead, you can do this with the help of an online pharmacy. You have to upload the prescription, and within hours or a day, the medicine reaches your parents. It helps you be on top of their monthly medicines, so they never have to spend a day without their prescription medicines. For Australians,  is a perfect site, as you can buy any medicine and natural products here.

  • Remote monitoring

You can install cameras in your parent’s house and monitor them remotely. It gives you a timely update about your parent’s well-being.

  • A virtual assistant to drop reminders. 

Use virtual assistants like Alexa to remind your parents to have their medicines, meals, and more.

Evaluate the things you can do and do it

Of course, as a child living away, you feel guilty about the multitude of things you cannot do for your parents. However, instead, focus on things you can do. For instance, with the above tip, you can manage their doctor’s appointments and prescriptions. Right? What else can you do? Maybe you can provide financial help or take responsibility for paying all the bills. Or you can find communities for your parents to join to ensure your elderly parents have a social life. It will be difficult to convince your parents to do this, but you can. 

Always pick up their phone. 

They will never call you when you are at work. However, if they do, pick up the call. It can be an emergency; even if it isn’t, don’t lose your head. Be calm and ask them how you can help them and what they need. Be in constant touch with your parents. If they have help, be in touch with them. Few

Enlist support from a trusted person 

Through daily calls, you know your parents are doing okay. However, it doesn’t give the full details. That’s why asking an individual you trust for help is a good idea. Maybe there is a neighbor, relative, cousin, or friend of the parents who can come & enjoy meals or coffee with your parents. A trusted person who is also comfortable with your parents & vice-versa. If so, enlist their support and ask them for feedback to see if you missed any signs or if your parents missed telling you a few details. 

Visit as much as you can

As you know, you don’t get the whole story on the phone. Thus, visit your parents any chance you get. When you do, you will recognize the areas where they are struggling and can provide help. You will have to ask tough questions, so be prepared.

To conclude, stop feeling guilty for being far away. Instead, use the resources on your hand to care for them better. From doctor’s appointments to buying prescription medicines online, do it. Lastly, don’t forget to call them every day to check on them and let them know how much you love & miss them.


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