Things To Do in Darwin While on A Road Trip


Darwin is a vibrant city that offers a plethora of activities to do while on a road trip. If you’re looking to spend some time outside of your car, you don’t have to look far. From nature walks to beaches, there are plenty of things to do in Darwin besides driving.

Take a nature walk in the Darwin Botanic Gardens

The Darwin Botanic Gardens is a great place to take a walk, and it’s also open 24 hours a day, so you can visit any time you want. It’s also very relaxing if you need some quiet time after all of your adventures.

The botanic gardens have many different areas, like the rainforest walk and the orchid garden. The rainforest walk is full of trees, plants and flowers that are native to Australia (and other parts of the world). It’s a very peaceful place to spend some time enjoying nature.

Relax on one of Darwin’s many beaches

If you want to chill out and relax, Darwin has many beaches where you can do just that. The most famous one is Mindil Beach Sunset Market, which is held every Sunday evening between November and May. This event attracts thousands of people who come to watch the sunset. There are also plenty of other beaches nearby that are popular with tourists, including Cullen Bay (about a 30-minute drive from Darwin) and Casuarina Sands (about an hour’s drive).

It’s important to be careful at the beach: even though it may be quite warm during the day, it can get cold at night so make sure you bring some warm clothes with you if you plan on spending some time there after dark.

Visit the East Point Nature Reserve

East Point Nature Reserve is a popular place for locals to go in the area. It has a number of different beaches, each with its own character. The east point reserve is good for taking pictures, especially at sunset when the sun sets over the sea and creates beautiful light patterns on the water’s surface.

Stroll around Mindil Beach Sunset Market

If you’re in Darwin on a Saturday night and want to avoid spending too much money, go to Mindil Beach. You’ll find plenty of great food stalls, local art and craft booths, and other vendors that sell everything from clothing to jewellery. It’s also one of the best places in Darwin for sunset watching, so if you head out there early enough you can enjoy both dinner and sunsets while listening to live music at the bar next door.

The market runs every weekend from December through March, but it’s best if you go during peak season (January – February). If possible, try not to arrive after 6 pm because it gets very crowded—if there isn’t enough parking space then your car might be towed away.

Learn about the Aboriginal culture in Darwin

It is a must for you to learn about the Aboriginal culture in Darwin. It is a unique part of Australia’s history and it can be seen even today in Darwin. The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory is one place where you can learn more about this intriguing culture.

The Mindil Beach Sunset Market at Mindil Beach Reserve is another place where you get to see remnants of aboriginal life in Darwin. This market features local artisans selling their handmade products such as paintings, pottery, scarves, body care items and more.

Prepare your car for a long drive

If you’re going to be driving for more than a few hours, it’s important to take care of your car and body in advance.

Taking a quick nap before setting off can help keep you alert during the drive, as well as reduce the risk of accidents. Also, check that your fuel tank is full—it never hurts to have a bit extra just in case.

NT Towing and Recovery which provides a 4wd tow truck in Darwin suggested that your tires should be properly inflated. cold weather can cause them to lose pressure and wear down faster than usual. If they seem low on air, pump them up before heading out onto any major highways or roads where there may not be gas stations available until much later on into the journey.

If possible, try getting one last tune-up before hitting the road; otherwise, keep an eye out for any unusual noises or vibrations coming from undercarriage components like belts or brakes while driving.


There are a lot of things to do in Darwin while on a road trip. The city is known for its natural beauty and friendly people. Visitors can enjoy the beaches, wildlife parks and cruise ships on a sightseeing adventure through this beautiful part of Australia.

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