Things to Consider While Buying Jewelry Online

Buying Jewelry Online

The convenience of online shopping is too irresistible. You can now purchase almost everything you want from the comfort of your home. Whether it is electronics, clothing, or even groceries, you are just a click away from getting them at your doorstep. 

The only thing that can make you think twice about online shopping is when it involves big-ticket items. You don’t want to spend considerable money without the assurance of getting the product. And the jewelry and other luxury products can make you skeptical about online shopping. 

Issues like scams, the safety of personal data, and how you’ll test the product to ensure it’s the perfect one can bother anyone. Advancement in technology is solving some of these issues. For example, some jewelry stores have augmented reality (AR) to help test products for your perfect fit and choice. 

Apart from jewel AR try-ons, technology like blockchain and cryptocurrency are making your online purchases secure. Last year, Sotheby, an auction house, sold a 101-carat diamond for US$12 million using crypto to a private collector. 

It shows you can still buy the big ticket jewelry items without worry. But to further ease your mind and to ensure your shopping experience is hassle-free, we’ve put together things you should consider while buying jewelry online

Know Your Jewelry Needs

Even window shoppers know what they wish they had and where to look from. You do not want to shop for jewelry without knowing what you want or need. There is a wide range of jewelry options that can quickly become confusing if you do not know what you need. 

Whether they are engagement rings, necklaces, or braided bracelets, you must know the category of jewelry that you want. Also, you must have your irreducible minimums on what defines your taste and preference. 

For an active lifestyle, a diamond tennis bracelet is convenient. You can rock it comfortably, whether on or off-court.

For marriage proposal rings, there are so many varieties you can choose from. Some even have double or triple stones that offer too much sparkle, brilliance, and attention. 

But you can still have something cool yet subtle. A solitaire ring can come in handy if you’re after an understated elegance. It only has one brilliant center stone, and its metal ring is not adorned with additional small diamond pieces. Yet still, you can go with unique accents and designs to customize it to an incredibly stunning timeless jewelry piece.  

So, the first step is knowing what you need and how it will match your taste with value. With that covered, you’ll be free from the curse of impulse buying and will make your shopping much easier.

Research the Seller Well

Buying Jewelry Online

Next is selecting sellers and doing due diligence. The last thing you want is to be defrauded of your hard-earned cash in the name of online shopping. So, one way of avoiding being swindled is by researching the seller well. 

Check out online reviews and comments from other buyers. It will help you gauge your seller’s reputation, ethics, and overall customer satisfaction from previous buyers. 

If you can not find their customers, request for names and contacts. Also, ensure that the seller’s jewelry is graded by leading industry certification institutions like the American Gem Society (AGS). 

Be careful with online reviews because some can be fake. You can go for Google Reviews, Trust Pilot, or any other trusted customer reviews website. They can help you confirm or clear your suspicion about fake reviews. 

Your top picks for sellers should be reputable, trustworthy, and providers of impeccable customer service. If you’re looking for a reliable and well-reviewed store to buy jewelry online, you can check out

Request Quality and Provenance Documentation

You should request detailed pictures of the jewelry products to gauge their quality. For example, confirm the descriptions of the jewelry product. If the website claims that your preferred diamond ring is made of gold or other metal, ask for a photo or video of the metal’s purity stamp. 

Verify every aspect of the product that determines its quality. For diamond jewelry products, consider the 4Cs – diamond carat, cut, clarity, and color. 

Knowing the origin of your jewels is critical and valuable. You must know if you’re buying lab-created diamonds or naturally mined ones. For naturally mined ones, you need to understand if they are sourced ethically and sustainably. Additionally, request for documentation of its provenance too. Additionally, request for documentation of its origin too. 

You don’t want to buy something that indirectly fuels conflicts, like blood diamonds from Congo or Sierra Leone. Provenance documentation can set you on a clear path for clear consciousness and peace. 

So, if you’re going for diamond jewelry, request a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) diamond grading report. Other certifications from institutes like AGS can also come in handy. It will allow you to verify the quality and how the jewelry product is sourced. 

Understand the Return Policy and Delivery Schedule

The next thing to check is the seller’s return policy and delivery schedule. You do not want your wedding day diamonds to arrive later after your big day. What if the quality of what you ordered is not up to your liking? You should be able to return them without the hassle and get replacements or a refund. 

Some websites may have a return policy for most products and exclude some items from the policy. In most cases, new or never worn jewelry is excluded from return policies. Such information must be clear on the product listing. 

Ditch the store if there is no return policy information or shipping details. For expensive items, ensure your insurance cover is correct. 

Request for Customized Jewelry

You are almost set. Now, think about making the jewelry memorable and endearing. Customizing your preferred jewelry can turn it from a classy, elegant piece to an endearing and memorable style. So, if it’s a gift, better make it worthwhile. 

If you’re buying it for another person, get to know their taste. For example, you may need a diamond ring with gold metal and a specific stone shape and cut. You can customize these aspects to suit your style or the person you wish to gift. 

Know Your Budget

Buying Jewelry Online

Finally, get the overall costs, including the customized one. Let’s face it, diamond jewelry is timeless, classic, and a hallmark of elegance.  So, it can come with a significant dent in your finances. 

As a result, you must understand your finances and settle on a realistic budget. Having a fixed budget can also help you avoid impulsive buying. You can also compare prices across your top reputable picks to seek value for money. 

If you find what you need within your budget and a reputable seller, go ahead and cart the jewelry. You can now relax comfortably, waiting for notification and doorstep delivery. 

Final Takeaway 

You can now have the convenience of online shopping for your jewelry products. But you should be careful because there are still scams, and the online shopping experience is not entirely smooth. 

We’ve shared some essential tips that can help your online jewelry shopping be simple and less stressful. First, settle on what you want to buy. Then seek a reputable seller with verifiable quality, customer service, and value for money. 



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