The Vanuatu Citizenship: Ultimate information for immigrants.

vanuatu citizenship

The Vanuatu citizenship by investment program began in 2017. The terms for participation in the program are constrained by Chapter 112 of the Citizenship Law and Vanuatu government order no. 215. 

To acquire citizenship by investment, the appliers make a non-refundable contribution to the government fund. The lowest investment amount is $130,000. 

The investor can also include their better half, children, and parents in the citizenship application. 

Benefits of Vanuatu citizenship 

The following are six reasons you might need to consider applying for the citizenship by investment program. 

  1. Visa- Free Travel to 135 Countries 

 The Vanuatu passport presently ranks 36th in the Henley Passport Index. By the last count, a Vanuatu visa will allow you to travel visa-free to 135 destinations, including 45 countries in Europe. The visa-free European destinations you can travel to include the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Germany, France, Italy, and Vatican City. 

additionally, a Vanuatu passport will let you travel visa-free to 14 countries in Asia, including Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. also, a Vanuatu passport is basically a trip pass to 17 Caribbean destinations, including the Bahamas, Jamaica, and. St Kitts, and Nevis. 

  1. Tax Incentives

One of the most common complications of dual citizenship is double taxation. However, you might have to pay duties for a single income or asset in two governments, If you’re not careful. 

Though, in Vanuatu, this will in no way be a concern. Vanuatu is an acknowledged tax haven. The country charges value-added duty, but it has no income tax or corporate tax. Vanuatu also doesn’t charge capital earnings, estate, withholding, and gift impositions. 

  1. Ease of acquiring Citizenship 

Vanuatu doesn’t make its alternate citizenship applicants jump through the complicated processes. The citizenship by investment application process is straightforward, and it has one of the shortest processing times among alternate passport programs worldwide.

You’ll need to fill out a Vanuatu citizenship application form, of course, and satisfy all the citizenship conditions. though, your appointed citizenship by investment agencies can serve all the legwork for you. 

Once you’re a Vanuatu citizen, you don’t need to live in Vanuatu. 

  1. Lovely Country

Vanuatu is a beautiful country. Around 83 islands comprise this South Pacific archipelago. 

The Republic of Vanuatu is a country of pristine beaches, beautiful mountains, underwater caves, thriving coral reefs, and shipwrecks. It’s an island haven if you love the ocean and the sand. It’s a beautiful place to live for anyone who loves nature and wildlife. 

However, doesn’t the tropical archipelago of Vanuatu come across like a great place to spend what would else be long, cold winters? 

If you hail from a cold- climate country.

  1. Confidentiality

As an established coastal banking destination, coastal banking customers can calculate on Vanuatu to keep their fiscal records private and nonpublic. Vanuatu extends the same courtesy it provides its coastal banking customers to its citizenship appliers. 

 In short, Vanuatu won’t inform your home country about you being granted citizenship. This can help you avoid alternate citizenship complications, especially if your government frowns upon dual citizenship.

  1. Provisory and Exit Plan

 Like all second citizenship programs, the citizenship by investment program will serve one of the most pressing reasons to get a second passport the need for a backup passport and an exit plan. 

A Vanuatu passport will come in handy if you lose your primary passport anytime you’re traveling. apart from that, having second citizenship will give you a way out if, for some reason, your primary passport suddenly becomes invalid. 

A second passport will ensure you have a way out if there’s political restiveness in your country of living. Your Vanuatu passport will also guarantee you’ll always have nearly to go, an alternate home if you’ll if ever find yourself in need of one. 

How to acquire Vanuatu Citizenship 

The most common route to Vanuatu citizenship is the Development Support Program. Under this particular program, you can come a commemorative citizen of Vanuatu by making minimal alms to the Vanuatu government. 

Solo applicants will need to contribute USD,000. Spouses, meanwhile, will need to contribute a minimum of USD,000. even so, the minimum donation is USD 165, 000, If consorts and a child are applying for citizenship. 

Still, there’s one other child, similar to in a family of four — there’s a spare USD 25, If further than three family members are applying — say. 

There are other fees apart from the required government funds, similar to industriousness fees and professional service freights. 


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