The Top 4 Uses of Voice Assistants

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A voice assistant is a very potent hands-free computer tool that constantly adds new features every other week. So why do we not use them as frequently

We might not be aware of how to use them to their max potential, which is the issue – let’s face it. They are a piece of modern technology that hasn’t really begun to ingrain itself into our daily lives.

Are you one of the many people who decide to buy a smart speaker but hardly use it at home? Maybe you’ve never used your phone’s voice assistant. The good news is that this is no longer necessary.

You can utilize your voice assistant in a variety of ways, but first, let’s define what a voice assistant is. We will be sharing a list of ideas as well. This way, you never have to wonder how to use Alexa as a speaker ever again.

What is a Voice Assistant?

A voice assistant, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri, is an AI-powered digital/virtual assistant.

They are all software applications with web connections that respond to commands, including voice commands. They further interpret them before acting in the proper manner. Voice assistants can help you order food, manage your lights, and even find misplaced phones. They can also communicate with other apps and answer queries.

Voice assistants are now built-in in your smartphones, but smart speakers are still one of the more popular platforms when it comes to using voice assistants. However, you must have a stable internet connection in order for the smart speaker to respond quickly.

One of the top three voice assistants is undoubtedly available to you, but if you are not sure how to utilize it, here are the top four ways it can make your life simpler yet more enjoyable!

It Can Become Your Personal DJ

Voice assistants can turn out or be rather enjoyable. They can serve as your access point DJs for all genres of music. The assistant’s wake words, which vary from one voice assistant to another, have to be said in order to awaken it.

Let’s take Amazon Echo as an example. You may ask it to play music by saying, “Alexa.” In fact, you can also use your voice assistant to add songs to your workout playlist.

Additionally, you can use your voice assistant to access radio stations. For instance, you may ask a Google Home smart speaker to play the Public Radio.

It Can Create a To-Buy List

I believe it is well acknowledged that creating grocery lists has never been easy. Once you start using voice assistants, you’ll question yourself why you even bother slogging through using pen and paper. Need more tissues! Just tell Alexa to add a tissue roll to the shopping list.

Simply open the Alexa app on your phone to see the list in the store. Swiping right after adding anything to your cart will allow you to remove it from the list. You can always add a last-minute item without making a call or sending an SMS.

Smart Home Compatible

Many of us believe that the smart home is just for the wealthy and affluent. However, the truth is often quite different.

The ability to design a smart home is now available to anyone with a voice assistant on a smartphone or smart speaker. You can buy smart light bulbs and other appliances, and then connect them to your smartphone or smart speaker.

To put it another way, you will then be able to control every smart home gadget through the smart speaker. Maybe when you went to bed, you forgot to turn off the lights. Saying “Hey Google, turn out the lights” is all that is required.

You won’t need to do it manually because your smart speaker will do it for you. Your entry point into creating a smart home is a smart speaker.

Create Reminders

Who doesn’t try to keep a track of their time at home? You can use your voice assistants to set timers as one method. For instance, you may set timers for your oven during dinner preparation so that you won’t have to worry about eating burned food.

Additionally, timers are helpful if you have a crucial meeting the next day or need to respond to a work email by a certain deadline.

If you have a tendency to stay up late, you can also decide to set timers for your photos. Your voice assistant can also serve as your secretary. You are worried you will be late for our dentist appointment. Make a reminder using your voice assistant, then!

As a Final Thought

In particular, if you want to build a smart home, voice assistants are a fantastic addition to any house. You can start by using the voice assistant built into your smartphone instead of purchasing a smart speaker to use one.


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