The rise of preventive healthcare in India

preventive healthcare

Everyone knows the famous proverb prevention is better than cure. However, like most scenarios, the healthcare system of India is more interested in the curative aspects of medicines and healthcare rather than the potential of preventive care. Well, this was the case until covid hit the world. The epidemic paralyzed the healthcare infrastructure and put the lives of numerous people at risk as the hospitals were completely full and it was almost impossible to find a doctor on call. This is when an increasing number of people have started showing interest in the importance of preventive healthcare in India. To cater to this demand of the citizens the government has accelerated its efforts towards facilitating an increase in the preventive aspect of healthcare in India.

How is the scope of preventive healthcare in India increasing?

One of the central factors that have facilitated the rise of preventive healthcare is the sudden boom in healthcare startups which are successfully employing technology in revolutionising how people receive care services. Businesses that deal with diagnostics, health tracking, foods and supplements are all playing a crucial role in offering the best preventive healthcare services. Back in the day getting home visits from doctors was a luxury reserved for the few. However, with the rise of businesses offering preventive healthcare this facility is accessible by almost anyone in India.

Why is preventive healthcare important for India?

  • Fast life

In the modern day’s fast life, there is often limited time for thinking about proper diets and exercise routines. Hence the risks of an individual suffering from the dangerous disease are exponentially higher now than ever before. This is especially true for the metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai. However, with the growth of companies offering preventive healthcare you can get emergency doctor consultation at home in Bengaluru or any other city. So unlike before when people were too busy to find time to visit a doctor, now you can take preventive measures to keep a check on your health without taking too much time out of your other activities. This also ensures peace of mind for you and your friends and family and you can tackle the day to day challenges care free.

  • Fewer complications if something bad happens

With good preventive health care, you may avoid having to undergo expensive medical treatment after an accident or other injury. You might be able to avoid surgery altogether by taking steps to prevent blood clots or infections that could complicate your condition. Or you would be able to reduce pain and suffering while recovering from an illness or injury.

You may not be able to avoid getting sick, but you can take steps to keep from becoming seriously ill or dying from an illness. Preventive health care includes screening tests that detect diseases early and prevent them from becoming life-threatening so that they don’t develop into conditions that require more serious treatment later on.

  • Reduces the risk of premature death due to a disease

 Lifestyle plays a big role in our health. A proper diet and exercise routine can help us stay healthy and fit for longer. Preventive health care is also very important as it helps you to avoid many common diseases that can affect your life negatively. Cancer and cardiovascular disease are the two leading causes of death. Preventive care can help you avoid these diseases altogether. The longer we live, the more time we have to enjoy our families and friends and do the things we love. Additionally, it also helps avoid and see early signs of conditions that run in your family or that affect the majority of people in your community.


The world has changed. And in this new world, preventive healthcare is going to be the norm, not the exception. Companies such as Janavaidya are already offering satisfying home health care services in Bangalore and other major cities. But as the health consciousness and public awareness of the importance of preventative care grows even further, there will be a need for similar services in the smaller cities as well.


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