The Fascinating History of Currency


In a world that changes so much, it can often be hard to see what sort of direction things are going in. This is something that can apply to so many different things in your life. Even the things that give you joy and pleasure in your life are likely to change over time. As well as this, the important factors of your life, such as finance and careers, can also be liable to quick changes. For example, the world of currency is something that has changed a lot. Values and worth change all the time. As well as inflation constantly being an annoying factor in your spending, this is something worth keeping an eye on. You can perhaps have a better idea of the direction of currency when you look at its history.


The use of metal currency was one of the first methods of payment and finance. The use of metal coins can even be stretched back all the way to 2000 BCE. So it is safe to say that this is a very reliable and steady form of currency. Of course, metal coins are still very much in circulation in today’s world. Although they have become less popular over time, they are still a recognized form of currency. What started out as just silver and gold coins then turned into one of the most used forms of payment and currency.

Leather Money

After the birth of coins then came leather money. This was made from the skin of animals and was first introduced in the 6th century BCE. This was first introduced and used in Rome before being implemented in countries such as France and Russia. This currency was fringed and implemented with designs to help add more value to the pieces of money. Although it is not used anymore, it was a unique and interesting way to represent a currency. Despite its non-existence in today’s world, it still has had an influence. Many people believe that the term buck comes from the previous use of leather money.

Paper Money

Paper money is something that everyone is familiar with. It is used all across the world and has been the main form of currency for a long time. It was first introduced in 1000 CE and is still used in the modern day, with not too much indication of it going away anytime soon.


Cryptocurrency is a form of online currency that can be traded and used for transactions. The first major form of crypto was Bitcoin, which then contributed to the popularity of this form of online currency. If this is something you might be interested in, be sure to check out to keep track of values and worth.

Credit Cards

Credit cards have been around for a good few years now. However, the use of mobile payments and contactless payments have made them even more popular in today’s world. This has caused cash to become less and less popular as some businesses only accept contactless payments.


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