The Best Technologies To Save Event Planning Time

The Best Technologies To Save Event Planning Time

Are you planning to execute a successful event in Singapore? Well, that’s great but it demands high focus and dedication from organizers. So, when you hire an event planner in Singapore, ensure they are implementing the latest technologies.

When conducting an event, conference, product launch, or any event, firstly the planner has to be familiar with new software. They must use technology-driven methods to eliminate typing errors, calculation mistakes, and other errors too.  

Furthermore, the professionals use innovative tools and technology to improve productivity. So, in this article, we will share the top ways to save time while planning an event.  

6 Technologies To Save Time In Event Planning

Now, let’s move ahead and have a look over the 6 most important technologies for saving an event planner’s time. 

1. Video Conferencing Software

Using the video conferencing software helps to save a lot of time. Bringing event speakers, authorities, and team members virtually is beneficial. The event planner can discuss the important things via video call.

Moreover, the global conference organizers also don’t have to visit the location/venue of the event. It would be easier for you to monitor or track the progress of the event preparations by sitting in distinct locations.

Benefits of video conferencing software: 

  • The planners don’t need to waste their team’s time on traveling or accommodations.
  • They can discuss important points through video conferences 
  • Even the documents can be shared easily.

2. Use Event Apps 

Well, while conducting a live stream or any corporate event in Singapore, networking is key to attracting an audience. The planners can use event apps to facilitate networking between attendees.  

As you know, the event organizers make the planner responsible for creating more networking opportunities. So, they must know how to work within deadlines to maintain their reputation and make an event successful.  

Benefits of event apps: 

  • The planner can facilitate connections between attendees.
  • They (the audience) can check each other’s profiles 
  • Also, attendees can exchange their business cards
  • Moreover, they can exchange numbers or SM profiles.  
  • Event apps save a lot of time by synching ticketing and registration solutions.
  • Provide ease to attendees which helps in building organizers or their business reputation.

3. Digital Speaker Management or Marketing Automation 

The time-saving method for event planning is managing and coordinating speaker sessions. This technology helps planners to gather details about them, including abstracts, pictures, bios, and more. There are chances that last-minute confusion over the speaker’s details arises. So, managing the speaker’s information digitally makes sure that no important details are missing or skipped. 

Benefits of digital speaker management technology: 

  • It is used for requesting speaker proposals
  • A planner will receive information quickly 
  • With the help of technology, you can share event details with speakers.

For example, the event planners are conducting live streams in Singapore or in other regions. The digital speaker management software will allow them to share important details with the speaker. Furthermore, the speaker of your event can easily upload their data or personal information by themselves. So, there are fewer chances that you will get incorrect details about the event speaker. 

Now, moving towards marketing automation software programs. This is the best way which helps planners to stay in touch with their attendees. With the help of this software, it would be easy to keep people updated about upcoming events.

4. Software For Event Diagramming 

The best part of event diagramming software is that planners can draw maps of events. If it is a live stream in Singapore, then planners need to remember every small detail. It includes microphones placement, LED wall positions, a place for a speaker, and other things. But with the diagramming software planners can create a map digitally and use it whenever needed. 

Furthermore, with the help of tools, event planners can make diagrams of all important elements of an event. They can also get a 3D diagram. This software allows customized and collaborative projects. It saves time in getting quick approval from clients, streamlines efficiency, and improves coordination.

Benefits of event diagramming software:

  • Reduce the time needed for making diagrams on paper or cardboard. 
  • Save paper because it is a digital tool 
  • Boost  the success of an event

Event planners may need to invest initially, but this software will provide a long-term return. So, it increases efficiency and makes the task easier. 

5. Event Management Software 

Well, if event planners in Singapore will use event planning software, then their work will become easier. They can update (about important changes) to the entire team within a few clicks. Also, event management software allows you to make changes in the schedule without much hassle.

Benefits of event management software:

  • All the important details or changes will be uploaded to the software
  • Easy coordination and communication with the team
  • Lower the risk of skipping emails or calls 
  • Convenient for the entire team (can be used from anywhere)
  • Promote working efficiently
  • No need to conduct the time-consuming meetings

6. Name Badge Generators

When conducting a live event physically, one of the major tasks is creating named badges. Especially in corporate events, planners need to provide badges to everyone sitting in the event hall. 

So, using “name badge generators” makes professionals stress-free about printing names. This advanced tool helps event planners to design and customize the badges as per their requirements. It simply means that planners don’t need to worry about outsourcing the badge printing job, delays in shipping, or correcting the errors.  

Benefits of badge generators:

  • Customization available
  • Eliminates error chances 
  • Save the time needed for outsourcing this task

Last Words 

We agree that event planners in Singapore have a lot of tasks on their plates while planning an event. So, using the right technology, they can save time and concentrate on other important work. Also, it helps in boosting efficiency and getting great ROI from an event. 

Furthermore, by implementing the software, handling event-related work becomes easier. Once you understand it, this will save time and help in getting better outcomes. Hopefully, you will follow the useful technologies for your next event.

Thank you for reading our guide. 

All the best! 


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